Best moment marketing trends of 2019

Moment marketing got a strong foothold in the year


MUMBAI: Brands have always been serious about their marketing plans. They spend months strategising their campaigns, involve the best of the technicians and talents to aid the creative process, and try to come out with communications that build trust among their target consumers. But the changing times and technologies have transformed this completely. The new-age consumer has the attention span lesser than that of a gold fish, and often ends up skipping the ads that a marketer had spent a good few months of his life in curating.

The consumer of today believes in living in the moment and brands have to catch them in that exact time span. And this has given rise to an influx of creativity on social media platforms, the second homes of the new-age customers, in the form of moment marketing. While earlier this was fixed for some particular occasions like festivals and elections, year 2019 saw brands leveraging every small and big moment that was breaking the internet. From the series finale of Game of Thrones to the expensive bananas that Rahul Bose had to eat, from Delhi smog to Indian men’s cricket team bowling the ‘pink ball’ for the first time in an international match, everything became a creative field for the brands and their creative agencies.

On the first day of the year, here’s a look-back on the most interesting moment marketing trends and top brands’ take on it!

Game of Thrones Finale

Game of Thrones was probably the best television show of the decade and had became a rage in the meme-world too with its initial seasons. But this year the craze was in multitudes as the show was wrapping up its journey forever. Though the season left many fans and cast members disappointed, the brands came out with some interesting campaigns.

Johnnie Walker

Durex India


Mother Dairy

Yuvraj Singh’s Retirement

Yuvraj Singh is one of the most successful and loved Indian cricketers. The champion best remembered for his iconic six sixes in an over and his incredible performance in World Cup 2011 despite his ongoing battle with cancer announced his retirement from the international cricket in June this year and like his fans, some brands paid their tributes to the star in their own way.

Zomato India




Rahul Bose’s rendezvous with two expensive bananas

The most bizarre and hence most hilarious trend of the year was two expensive bananas served to actor Rahul Bose by JW Marriott in Chandigarh. As soon as Bose shared the photo of the bill amounting Rs 442.5 online, brands jumped the marketing bandwagon to cash on this momentous opportunity.


Zomato India

Amazon Prime Video India


Iphone 11’s triple camera feature

The launch of every iPhone is a meme fest for the netizens. From selling kidney jokes to takes on no massive updates from older versions, the internet sees it all. But this time, the fodder of the online discussion was the triple camera, which fed the imagination of the brands in ways unimaginable.

Durex India

Manforce Condoms




Delhi’s Pollution

Delhi smog is one of the most trending events online for the past many years. The even-odd rule and increased sale of face masks are interesting talk points online. This time, the brands also came up with their creative best inputs to market themselves online in an unconventional manner.

Manforce India

Pee Safe

Policy Bazaar

Filter Copy

Onion Prices

The economic turmoil going on in the country concerned everyone this year. The repurcussions were many including the sky-high prices of one of the basic staples in Indian diet, onion. While it worried all, the brands had their own way of using the situation to their benefit.

Orient Bell



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