Exploring May's must-see shows on discovery+

Exploring May's must-see shows on discovery+

Anticipated shows slated for the month include The Secret Lives of Aghori Sadhus and many more.


Mumbai: Prepare for an exhilarating array of releases coming your way this May on discovery+, your premium destination for real-life entertainment from Warner Bros. Discovery! Adding to the anticipation is the gripping investigative documentary O.J. and Nicole: An American Tragedy, shedding light on a poignant chapter in American history. Immerse yourself in the captivating exploration of Hidden Frontiers Arabia with Reza Pakravan, offering a thrilling glimpse into the secrets of the Arabian Peninsula. Experience the spiritual depths of The Secret Lives of Aghori Sadhus, and brace yourself for the breathtaking wonders of Oman's wildlife in Wild Oman: Wonder of Arabia, and brace for spine-tingling encounters in Ghost Adventures: House Calls S2. Get ready to be enthralled as discovery+ unveils yet another month of captivating content to ignite your curiosity and fascination with the world around us.

O.J. and Nicole: A Tragic American Story

The O.J. Simpson case as it has never been reported before. Nicole Brown Simpson's sister Tanya Brown uses Nicole's words and the pictures she left behind to depict the Brown family's experience as she examines O.J. and Nicole's relationship as well as the trial that followed.

Streaming: 10th May 2024

Hidden Frontiers Arabia with Reza Pakravan

Reza Pakravan sets out to explore unexplored and hazardous terrain in order to discover the mysteries of the powerful Arabian Peninsula. While there, he does strenuous physical tasks in order to research long-forgotten mysteries, extinct animals, and breathtaking locations that are rarely seen by humans.

Streaming: 13 May 2024 onwards

The Secret Lives of Aghori Sadhus:

The lives of Aghori Sadhus, who are renowned for their intense spiritual practices in search of enlightenment, are explored in this documentary. It delves into their beliefs, rituals, and the deep and sometimes contentious facets of their Shiva devotion.

Streaming: 4 May 2024 onwards


Originating in North Kerala, Theyyam is a ritual dance form that embodies the holy and breathes life into mythology. The rich costumes, intricate performances, and cultural and spiritual significance of Theyyam among the surrounding communities are all highlighted in this documentary.

Streaming:  18 May 2024

Naked and Afraid - Castaways:  

Twelve of the best survivalists face their most difficult setting to date—Montana's subzero Rocky Mountains.

Streaming: 10 May 2024 onwards

Animals Unleashed

The world's most bizarre and funny animal videos can be found in this presentation. Each episode features animals in their most unexpected, naughty, and absurd forms, whether they are in the wild or in the living room.

Streaming: 3 May 2024

Mother Nature S2

Explore Zambia's animal mothers in the isolated Kafue National Park. See the difficulties faced by those trying to raise their family in a dangerous place full of predators, among other difficulties.

Streaming: 5 May 2024

A Wolf’s Journey

Once his pack is driven away, a young wolf must face his fate on his own and make an effort to survive in a world where humans reign. He overcomes numerous challenges as he travels across Europe and finds a determined she-wolf who is eager to aid him in preserving their species.

Streaming: 22 May 2024

Wild Oman: Wonder Of Arabia

An immersive, strikingly beautiful tour of Oman's natural environment. Learn about uncommon animals that exhibit behaviors never seen before.

Streaming: 24 May 2024

Ghost Adventures: House Calls S2

With nowhere else to turn, ordinary individuals living in horror in their haunted houses are the target of investigations by Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures team. Following up on a homeowner's request for assistance, Zak dispatches his team to the house to record unusual behavior and provide guidance on how to handle intruding ghostly visitors.

Streaming: 2 May 2024

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? S5-6

After navigating the visa application procedure, the couple is married, but they soon come to terms with the fact that their honeymoon is gone as reality settles in. Every couple has drama when their expectations for married life in America are not met.

Streaming: 4 May 2024

In Pursuit with John Walsh S2-5

John Walsh has made it his life's work to discover missing children, apprehend criminals, and enable the people to support a criminal justice system that is more accountable and efficient.

Streaming: 4 May 2024

Master of Arms

In the past, steel and stone determined the destiny of entire civilizations. Master smiths, the guardians of lost arts, who changed history with swords, arrows, and barrels, supported entire empires. Three of the greatest smiths working today are paired in a new competition series to reimagine those weapons through a talent test. Through the creation of the most recognizable weapons in human history, expert artisans contributed to the destiny of humanity. Drawing inspiration from ancient customs, Discovery Channel is assembling the top constructors to compete head-to-head to recreate the weapons that have altered the path of history.

Streaming: 27 May 2024