Shaktimaan celebrates sibling love in its new Rakshabandhan campaign - #LifeofaUPSCAspirant

Shaktimaan celebrates sibling love in its new Rakshabandhan campaign - #LifeofaUPSCAspirant

The campaign features a story of a sister's gift to help her brother prepare for UPSC.


Mumbai: India’s first adaptive learning ecosystem, Shaktimaan has launched a new campaign, just in time for the biggest celebration of the bonds between siblings. The campaign, titled ‘Rakshabandhan in the Life of a UPSC Aspirant,’ revolves around the heartwarming story of a sister's thoughtful gift to help her brother conquer the UPSC with the help of Through the campaign, the company aims to represent the bond between siblings, highlighting the importance of having the support of loved ones in the preparation of the Civil Service Examination. The campaign is LIVE on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook and has already garnered over 20.4K views on Twitter and more than 2K views on YouTube.

The campaign is strategized internally and focuses on the struggles of UPSC aspirants and how Shaktimaan can empower them to access top-tier mentorship and a disciplined ecosystem personalized as per their needs. It highlights the story of a diligent UPSC aspirant, Raghav, who is trying to cope with The Hindu newspaper editorial. On seeing his struggles on Rakhshabandhan, the elder sister, Meera, gifts him Shaktimaan, a powerful mentor for students to help him in his UPSC preparation. As the brother unveils the Rakhi gift, he explores the different features of Shaktimaan, such as the daily Hindu summary, instant doubt resolution, daily learning targets with Prelims MCQ, and MAINS hand-written answer evaluation. Their story highlights the challenges faced by Civil Service Examination candidates and how their family and friends support them in their exam preparation. The access to personalized solutions represents the support that siblings can provide for each other.

Founding team member Lakshay Nagpal remarked, "Our Raksha Bandhan campaign highlights how family supports a UPSC aspirant. The desire to showcase the passion of today’s students and our eagerness to offer them the best solutions lies at the heart of the campaign. At Shaktimaan, we use our deep insights and execute them with the help of artificial intelligence to help students stay disciplined and focused."

The Rakshabandhan campaign serves as a powerful reminder that students’ family members will always be there to guide them through their struggles and support them to achieve their goals. With the help of Shaktimaan and the support of their loved ones, students can find the right balance and achieve their dreams.