Flipkart and Vivo launch 'ZoomInOnIndia' campaign

Flipkart and Vivo launch 'ZoomInOnIndia' campaign

Conceptualized by Sociowash, challenges Indian stereotypes through captivating imagery.

Flipkart and Vivo

Mumbai: Flipkart, in collaboration with Vivo, joined forces with YouthBeat, the youth marketing wing, and SW Studios, the production arm of Sociowash, to launch the innovative "ZoomInOnIndia" campaign, showcasing the prowess of Vivo X100 smartphone's camera in capturing the essence of India. The campaign aimed at establishing the Vivo X100 model as a DSLR-like smartphone.

The main concept of the campaign was to showcase the real India beyond its stereotypes, inviting photography enthusiasts to zoom in on India's bright, vibrant cities and landscapes using the Vivo X100. Leveraging the advanced camera capabilities of the Vivo X100, photographers embarked on photo walks in iconic Indian locations like Banaras, Srinagar, Darjeeling and Pondicherry, capturing the nation's vibrant landscapes during the golden hour. The production of these striking images was managed by SW Studios. SW Studios oversaw the captivating photo walks and ensured top-notch image content production throughout the campaign process.

YouthBeat also conceptualised and launched the 'Incredible India Through Your Lens' Photography Contest, as a part of their campaign. The contest has garnered over 5000 plus entries, inviting participants to capture India's rich cultural tapestry using any smartphone. As part of the "ZoomInOn India" campaign, Renowned celebrity photographers including Abhishek Jammwal, Abbas Baig, Sanket Joshi and Abdul Rouf lent their expertise to the campaign which inspired many followers to participate and showcase their vision of India. The campaign also engaged with nine prestigious colleges such as Amity University, Ramjas and Hindu College and received an overwhelming participation of 5,000 plus entries from colleges alone.











Sociowash co-founder Raghav Bagai said, “With this campaign, our aim was to redefine how we perceive the Indian landscape through the lens of photography. And what better way to achieve this than with something that's just an arm's reach away - your phone.  At Sociowash, we believe we've done exceptionally well, given our understanding of the current youth fraternity. It's truly heartening to witness the overwhelming response and active participation from young photography enthusiasts across the nation. This campaign was designed to be a two-way interactive experience, and platforms like Instagram played a pivotal role in its success. The 'ZoomInOnIndia' initiative not only resonated with our target audience but also sparked engaging conversations within the community.”

The Flipkart X Vivo X100 campaign highlighted India's rich diversity and showcased the exceptional camera features of the smartphone.