TV eats into ad shares of radio, print in South India: TAM

TV eats into ad shares of radio, print in South India: TAM

The Southside Story 2018 gives insights into the AdEx trends in South Indian state


MUMBAI: TAM Media Research - a joint venture between global media research organisations, Nielsen and Kantar has released the very first and one-of-its-kind, comprehensive go-to-market AdEx study for South India. ‘The Southside Story 2018’ shows a sharp increase in the advertising potential in the southern market as media outlets are growing at an exponential rate. One third of all India advertisers are spending in the southern market.

The year 2018 was dominated by television followed by radio FM in the share of advertising. The advertising pie (in terms of ad insertions) had 79 per cent share of television and 16 per cent share of radio. In terms of ad insertions, print ranked last with a low 4 per cent share.

The report shared, “The number of TV Channels has increased by 45 per cent (2014: 137 to 2018: 199). Year 2018 had over 66,000+ advertisers/ 86,000+ brands advertising across 690+ categories in TV, print and radio.”

The sectoral analysis within the report reveals that personal care is the highest contributor to the advertisements on south Indian TV, the services sector is focusing majorly on the radio, and the auto sector advertises the most on print. The top 10 common advertisers contributed 25 per cent of ad insertion share in the Southern market during the year 2018, whereas from 2014-17 it was 33 per cent.

The state-wise details for the period between 2014 and 2018 reveal that the share of ad insertions on Andhra Pradesh was dominated by television, which stood at 70-78 per cent. Television ruled the ad shares in Karnataka as well, with insertions ranging from 67-77 per cent, which also substantially ate into the pie of radio and print.