Tata Pravesh’s latest campaign empowers people to make wise choices

Tata Pravesh’s latest campaign empowers people to make wise choices

The campaign named #AloneButTogether is conceptualised by Logicserve Digital.

Tata Steel, Logicserve Digital

Mumbai: Tata Pravesh, from the house of Tata Steel, has launched a new campaign called #AloneButTogether to empower people for making wise choices in the face of the pandemic. Conceptualised by Logicserve Digital, the campaign showcases the power of an individual to drive positive influence.

Aligning with Tata Pravesh’s present positioning of ‘Akela Hi Kaafi Hai’, the campaign comprises of impact-driven Thumbstopper videos that aptly convey the message through simple real-life situations such as planning a wedding in the middle of the pandemic, our attitude towards people who deliver our necessities at home and illustrates how we can make an impact with a simple act.

Commenting on his vision for this campaign, Tata Pravesh's chief - services and solutions, P Anand said, “This campaign is our attempt at communicating the importance of putting safety first, for yourself and for your loved ones, and making wise choices in our daily life; since we strongly believe that an individual is #AkelaHiKaafi for creating a positive impact. #AloneButTogether promotes the emotion of standing strong with one another by spreading empathy, kindness, and humanity and, encouraging each other to act responsibly.”

Shedding more light on the creative process of the campaign, Logicserve Digital's SVP – creative, social, PR, marcom, Manesh Swamy said, “The pandemic is not over yet, and as a community, we have to be more vigilant and at the same time be humane. We realized that people don’t generally take it well when we correct them to behave in a certain manner during the pandemic. However, driving the message that every single individual can make a difference was essential. As things are opening up and people are getting back to normalization 2.0 with a scare of the third wave lurking around, we wanted to spread kindness and instill responsibility via these super short thought-provoking films. If you carefully look at the films, Tata Pravesh’s doors and windows are seamlessly integrated with these films and are playing an important role in driving this important message.”