Former cricketer Rahul Dravid to lead Abbott’s #MusclesMatter campaign

Former cricketer Rahul Dravid to lead Abbott’s #MusclesMatter campaign

The campaign aims to increase awareness of the importance of muscle loss.

Rahul Dravid

MUMBAI: It’s no secret that we all age. But, with aging can come muscle loss, which can directly impact mobility, strength, energy and immune health. Starting at age 40, adults can lose up to 8 per cent of their muscle mass per decade, and this rate can double after the age of 70. To help adults stay strong and active, global healthcare company Abbott, announced the launch of Ensure with HMB – a new formulation to support Indians as they age.

To raise awareness of age-related muscle loss and urge people to act early to strengthen their muscles, Abbott has partnered with Rahul Dravid, former Indian cricketer and captain of the Indian national team, for the #MusclesMatter campaign. The campaign, which includes a muscle age test and information, will roll-out across digital media platforms and target community engagement.

''Staying healthy and fit has been an important aspect of my life and I have always advocated for a wellness-first lifestyle. Many don’t understand the changes their body goes through with age or what their body needs when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Being a health-forward individual, I am happy to be part of the new Ensure #MusclesMatter campaign to showcase the benefits of complete, balanced nutrition for both muscle and bone health,'' said Dravid.

Four out of 10 Indians suffer from poor muscle health which can adversely affect health in multiple ways. Muscle loss can cause reduced energy levels and mobility, increased risk of falls or fractures, long-tail symptoms of infection and even slower recovery from illness or surgery. Proper nutrition and exercise can help reverse or prevent age-related muscle loss.

The new Ensure is a science-based nutritional supplement formulated with 32 vital nutrients like high-quality protein, calcium and vitamin D to help improve muscle and bone strength. It now contains a special and exclusive ingredient – HMB or β-hydroxy-β-methyl butyrate – that helps counteract muscle loss and restore strength and energy.

''HMB or β-hydroxy-β-methyl butyrate acts as a gateway to help keep muscles in balance by slowing muscle breakdown and building muscle mass. HMB is naturally produced when the body breaks down leucine, an essential amino acid, and can be found in small amounts in foods like avocado, grapefruit, cauliflower etc. However, it is difficult to get enough HMB through food to support declining muscle health, which is why it is often suggested to consume nutrition supplements. Good nutrition and physical activity can help maintain muscle and bone health, which is important to support overall health,” said endocrinologist Dr Shashank Joshi.

Why does muscle matter? Skeletal muscle accounts for about 40 per cent of total body weight and contains at least 50 per cent of all body proteins. Muscles are vital tissues for the functioning of the body and can often tell us how we are going to age, stay active and independent. In addition, to being important for everyday tasks like picking up things, opening a jar or getting up from a chair, healthy muscles are essential for organ function, skin health, immunity, and metabolism. Therefore, maintaining muscle mass with proper nutrition and exercise as we age is essential to prolonging a happier and healthier life.

''Aging is inevitable, but muscle loss and weakness doesn’t have to be. Muscle loss is the aging factor that's rarely discussed, and few adults realise the impact our muscles have on our health as we age. Abbott has been pioneering research in science-based nutrition and by introducing the new Ensure with HMB, we hope to help Indian adults thrive," said Abbott Nutrition managing director and general manager Swati Dalal.