Cricket after World Cup and IPL

Cricket after World Cup and IPL


MUMBAI: After the World Cup and the Indian Premier League (IPL), the value of the residual cricketing properties in the year could fall due to India‘s poor performance and an economic slowdown.

Media analysts had forecast the cricket television broadcasting economy to earn an advertising revenue of Rs 20 billion this year. While the World Cup fetched Rs 5 billion, the IPL took home Rs 10 billion.

"As the India-West Indies series was just after the two marquee events, there was a level of fatigue. The India-England series was a disappointment and could cast an influence on the other remaining properties in the year," says a media analyst.

The upcoming events include the Champions League Twenty20, the India-Australia series and the India-England ODIs.

A media buyer says that one has to wait for the five ODI matches between India and England before valuing the other properties. “Only then we can say to what extent ad revenue will be affected. If India does well and the ratings are good, then things will be on track. If it doesn’t, then advertiser interest will fall.”

The other issue concerning sports broadcasters is the slowdown that seems to be hitting the economy. While the effect is hard to quantify, the buyer says that the good thing about the upcoming series is that they are taking place before and during the festive season.

Lodestar Universal CEO Shashi Sinha feels that cricket outside the World Cup and IPL will still manage at least Rs.5 billion. “Despite the performance of the Indian team, I still get inquiries from clients about cricket,” he says.

Multi Screen Media (MSM) president network sales, licensing and telephony Rohit Gupta doesn’t think that the slowdown will hurt cricket. “Revenues will depend more on how each series is hyped up, promoted and the kind of teams India is playing against. So far television has not been affected by the slowdown,” he says.