26% of people surf internet while watching TV: Axis My India Survey

26% of people surf internet while watching TV: Axis My India Survey

The survey covered 10, 525 people across different states.


Mumbai: At least 26 per cent of people surf the internet while watching Television, revealed Axis My India CSI Survey for February, thus opening deeper conversations on rising multi-screen user behaviour and scope of competitive advertising among different platforms.

The survey covered as many as 10, 525 people across different states via Computer-Aided Telephonic Interviews. While 70 per cent of them belonged to Rural India while 30 per cent belonged to urban areas. In addition, 59 per cent of the respondents were male while 41 per cent of the respondents were female.

According to the survey, consumption of media like TV, Internet, and Radio has also increased for 24 per cent of the families.

Axis My India further assessed if advertisement influences consumer’s purchase decisions, and found that at least 41 per cent agreed that ads are stimulants and thereby drive purchases. This reflects the view of 18-35 year olds from the northern part of India. However, a majority of 57 per cent disagree on the same. 

The latest monthly analysis of consumer perception also showed that spends on essentials like personal care & household items have increased for 43 per cent of the families showcasing a surge in the northern and southern part of India, however, this is also the lowest surge in the last five months. Spends however remain the same for 33 per cent of the families. Spends on non-essential & discretionary products like AC, Car, Refrigerator has also increased for 10 per cent of families, indicating an even lower percentage than the last five months.

“The survey captures consumers’ apprehensions yet preparedness and confidence in the advent of Omicron. While essential, non-essential, and health-related increased expenditures witnessed a dip, consumers at the same time have expressed their confidence of not being financially impacted by the 3rd Wave,” said Axis My India CMD Pradeep Gupta, commenting on the February report.

“Moreover, in our attempt to discover consumer information consumption habits, we witnessed a growing possibility of shared space competitiveness between TV and online for influencing ad-based purchase decisions. However online space unlike TV is an interactive platform and thereby possesses the challenges of ensuring the security and safety of data shared by consumers. Overall with the nation’s sentiments resuming back to slow and steady normalcy and more opportunities opening up within the media space, advertisers and marketers are in a sweet spot and should thereby leave no space untouched,” he added.

Some of the other key findings of the consumer sentiment index survey are:

·89 per cent families reported going out the same for short vacations, malls and restaurants as compared to 85 per cent of families last month, which has been the highest percentage in the last five months.

·Consumption of health-related items more or less remains the same for 44 per cent of the families, while a surge is witnessed among 38 per cent of the families.

·With regards to financial and personal security, 41 per cent is apprehensive that the information shared online is not secure.

·Over 67 per cent believe that women are better as compared to men when it comes to financial/ investment management.

·A bulk of 48 per cent believe that the new variant of the virus – Omicron won’t impact their financial well-being.

·In a positive, 50 per cent of respondents engage in sports/exercise and other health-related activities to remain fit and healthy.