realme is all set to ‘Make it real’ with its revamped strategy

realme is all set to ‘Make it real’ with its revamped strategy

With new slogan ‘Make it real’ Sky Li emphasised that this year will redefine brand standards.


Mumbai: realme smartphone service provider announced their new slogan ‘Make it real’ in an open letter, Sky Li, Founder and CEO of realme, emphasised that this year will redefine realme's brand standards. The letter highlights realme’s new mission, brand positioning, and spirit. Transitioning from an "opportunity-oriented" to a "brand-oriented" approach, realme is shifting its focus towards becoming a tech brand that resonates with young users.

A tech brand that better understands young users

Since its inception, realme has established its position with development strategy: to bring technologies and designs to young users worldwide. The brand aims to connect with more young users across various markets, leveraging its recognition among this demographic to elevate its standards even higher.

Building on five years of success, realme is broadening its scope rather than changing direction. Leveraging its deep understanding of young users and steering the company's development, realme is transitioning its strategy from trendy-based to a more inclusive and expansive one. This will steer its long-term investment and growth, enabling the brand to enhance its connection with a larger number of young users across various markets and global regions.

As such, realme’s mission is to more concisely capture its future development aspirations: "To let young users around the world enjoy tech experiences that exceed expectations." With increased focus and ambition, realme is poised to explore new possibilities and make breakthroughs.

From “opportunity-oriented” to “brand-oriented”

realme places the youth at its core and adheres to a user-centric approach, driving its competitiveness in three areas: product, technology, and brand strengths. This ideology will guide realme towards achieving long-term, high-quality growth.

By planning to partner with over 30 leading tech companies and investing heavily in R&D in 2024, realme aims to bring the latest technology to its users. The brand aims to refine its customer insight process for a more dynamic experience. Focusing on the younger generation, realme will integrate user insights into ongoing brand and product development, creating a fluid and multi-dimensional brand experience.

realme's focus on product, technology, and brand strengths allows the brand to bring the latest technological advances directly to young users. This approach transforms its positioning as a tech brand that better understands young users from an idea into reality.

Moreover, realme has also introduced a new slogan: "Make it real" that retains the spirit of "Dare to Leap" while placing greater emphasis on young users, aiming to bring real, clear, and tangible benefits to their lives.  

As it moves into the next five years, realme pledges to stay true to its original intentions and grow alongside young people, aiming to be a tech brand that better understands their needs and aspirations to make it real

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