Mindshare and GSK Brand Sensodyne develop senso-bot

Mindshare and GSK Brand Sensodyne develop senso-bot

It is a first of its kind tech solution to treat tooth sensitivity

Mindshare and GSK Brand

MUMBAI: Mindshare, the largest media agency from the GroupM umbrella, has created a first of its kind technology-driven chatbot exclusively for GSK brand Sensodyne.

The chatbot brought virtual dentists closer to the public on the occasion of World Oral Health Day. The chatbot, when invoked through Google Assistant, by simply saying ‘Hello Sensodyne’, discussed oral care problems with users. The revolutionary chatbot also offered information about the causes of tooth sensitivity, and how one can treat the problem using Sensodyne. Through the chatbot, users could also order a free Sensodyne sample.

At the end of the chat, they were given an option to go to Lybrate.com, enter their location and book a dental appointment, for which Sensodyne paid Rs 700 of the dentist’s fees. The tie-up with Lybrate and Google is also a stepping stone towards the future of the brand which aims to create more awareness about the importance of oral health care and encourage citizens to regularly visit the dentist.

As a part of its 360-degree approach, Sensodyne also set up large screens and kiosks in prominent locations across Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, where they conducted a free chill test for people, and those who tested positive, were then directed to the screen where they interacted with a dentist.  It also leveraged the power of TV and radio, with dentists talking about tooth sensitivity throughout the day, as well as print advertisements to further spread its message. The brand also released a teaser on YouTube and Twitter, besides deploying influencers and poll-based creative to generate awareness about the ‘Hello Sensodyne’ movement.

Speaking about the launch of Hello Sensodyne, Mindshare north and east senior vice president, client leadership Ruchi Mathur said, “Our constant endeavor is to deliver solutions that are rooted in relevant consumer insights and create a strong impact for our brands in the marketplace. While many brands in the industry have been using conversational UI to deliver campaigns, we wanted to link it to a tangible benefit for the consumer. This troika of a partnership between Sensodyne, Lybrate, and Google Voice helped us create this industry first.”

GSK Consumer Healthcare area marketing director, oral health Anurita Chopra commented, “Tooth Sensitivity is a common condition not only in India but around the world. The lack of awareness of this condition makes many consumers give up the simple pleasures of enjoying their favorite food and drinks. We are excited to launch this breakthrough, first-of-its-kind tech innovation ‘Hello Sensodyne’ that will address queries of individuals on tooth sensitivity and allow them to take actions towards leading a sensitivity free life.”