Star Sports Ad Sales launches 'Startup Power Play’ for emerging brands on Tata IPL

Star Sports Ad Sales launches 'Startup Power Play’ for emerging brands on Tata IPL

'Startup Power Play' to offer one startup daily, showcasing their brand story.

Star Sports

Mumbai: Star Sports, the official TV broadcaster of the Tata Indian Premier League (IPL), brings a one-of-a-kind opportunity 'Startup Power Play’ for start-ups in India. This initiative invites startups to craft a crisp 60-second commercial, strategically positioned to captivate audiences during each IPL match. The broadcaster will be collaborating with D2C Insider as an ecosystem partner to leverage access to the large community of Startups. D2C Insider is the largest community of carefully curated founders and CXOs from the D2C ecosystem.

"This initiative underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and empowering emerging brands. By offering a platform for startups to showcase their stories and connect with audiences in a meaningful way, we aim to not only elevate their brand presence but also contribute to their growth story. We look forward to witnessing the impact of these startups as they seize this unique opportunity to captivate audiences and make their mark in the industry," said Disney Star head – network advertising sales Ajit Varghese.

“We're excited about our collaboration with Star Sports for IPL 2023. D2C Insider is one of India's largest communities of startups aimed at fostering idea exchange and growth assistance among its members.  Startup Powerplay could be a potential gamechanger for startups in India, giving them an open canvas to tell their brand story on the biggest stage. The creation of an opportunity for startups specifically is a signal of intent from Star Sports to make IPL on TV much more accessible for early-stage businesses and could be a fantastic launchpad for our members,” said D2C Insider co-founder Kshitij Ladia.

Tailored to maximise impact and exclusivity, 'Startup Power Play' offers one startup per day the spotlight to showcase their brand or product story. With the IPL's vast reach and engagement, startups can harness the platform's potential to amplify their offerings and connect with consumers on a massive scale. To bolster early-stage ventures, Startup Power Play presents an appealing introductory price, ensuring accessibility for startups of all sizes.

Star Sports witnessed a record-breaking IPL last year, reaching a total of 505 million viewers through the tournament. IPL on HD reached 101 million viewers last season. IPL 2024 on Star Sports presents an unmissable opportunity for brands to leverage an unmatched scale with utmost efficiency with the ability to drive differentiated impact on business KPIs.