Rajat Sharma's India TV sports a new look

Rajat Sharma's India TV sports a new look

India TV

MUMBAI: After a little over 20 months of existence, Rajat Sharma's India TV has stepped into the revamp mode. Even as the genre gets more competitive, the Hindi news channel has embraced a new look and feel.

India TV unveiled the makeover yesterday (19 February). The purpose of the redesigned branding and graphics has been categorically undertaken to make it appear more dynamic to viewers.

The colour scheme that has been incorporated by the channel is more vibrant, modern, interactive, youthful and richer. Says India TV CEO Chintamani Rao. "We are a people's channel. We listen very carefully to viewer feedback and their ever changing preferences. We also benefit from focus group exercises. Similarly, we exist to deliver for our valued advertiser and their feedback is incorporated on a continuing basis".

With more interactive services coming to play a major role in the news genre, the channel has gone for a more aggressive presentation with new colours, fresh promos, brand new graphics and tickers. Also, a complete makeover for some programmes like Bhaiya Bole (it is now Bhai Bole) is in the queue. A genre-defining programme and new interview shows are ready to be unveiled.

An internal team implemented the feedback from various stakeholders, primarily focus groups, viewers and advertisers, Rao says, adding that the makeover exercise was "not outsourced."