Sony BBC Earth to premiere ‘Frozen Planet' in India

Sony BBC Earth to premiere ‘Frozen Planet' in India

On 17 October, ‘Frozen Planet II’ will premiere after a long gap of 11 years.

Sony BBC Earth

Mumbai: The second season of the flagship television series Frozen Planet from Sony BBC Earth is about to make its Indian debut.

Frozen Planet II is narrated by Sir David Attenborough and produced by the acclaimed Natural History Unit of BBC Studios in association with BBC America, the Open University, Migu Video, ZDF, and France Television. After an eleven-year hiatus, the eagerly anticipated six-part series is back on television.

Sony Pictures Networks chief marketing officer & business head (English cluster & Sony AATH) Tushar Shah said, "Frozen Planet II is one of the biggest properties to make its way to Sony BBC Earth this year. While the first season of the show received a positive response from viewers, we hope that with this release we can provide an unparalleled experience of the frozen world and the life that thrives in it despite all odds. We are committed to offering the best to our viewers. We look forward to bringing more of this exclusive and premium content to the channel."

On 17 October, Frozen Planet II will have its world premiere. It will take viewers on an exploration of the fauna found in the globe's highest mountains, frozen desserts, snow-covered forests, and ice-cold waters. This six-part series offers an opportunity to discover the wonder of our planet's frozen realms like never before. It was shot in ultra-high definition using the most advanced camera technology, and it features dramatic new behaviours, intimate stories, and sensational natural spectacles captured on camera for the very first time.

Frozen Planet II executive producer Mark Brownlow added, "With Frozen Planet II, we want to captivate viewers through new stories, breath-taking drama, and stunning landscapes to drive home the message that these true wildernesses on earth are literally vanishing right before our eyes at a speed faster than we can imagine and how these changes are impacting wildlife."

The first season of Frozen Planet, which has received a total of 10 awards and nine nominations, including four Primetime Emmys overall, takes viewers on an unprecedented trip around the polar areas of our planet. The channel hopes to increase viewers' visual gratification with the debut of its sequel, Frozen Planet II, by providing them with yet another captivating glimpse into the frozen world, this time focusing on a planet that is about to undergo a significant transformation.

Sony BBC Earth has also started an on-air contest in conjunction with the premiere of the series, and the winners will receive special invitations to the celebrity screenings taking place in several major cities. Additionally, lucky winners will have the chance to win food and drink coupons that may be used at affiliated businesses.