Times Internet adopts Unified ID 2.0

Times Internet adopts Unified ID 2.0

The Trade Desk led UID2 development, empowers privacy with encrypted email-linked identifier.

Times Internet

Mumbai: Times Internet announces its adoption of Unified ID 2.0 (UID2), a revolutionary identity framework designed for the open internet. This cutting-edge identity solution empowers advertisers to deliver highly targeted content by aligning first-party data with audience information within Times Internet's fully authenticated logged-in dataset. In response to the deprecation of third-party cookies, forward-thinking publishers are embracing privacy-conscious approaches to navigate the evolving advertising landscape and strategies for a cookie-free future.

The Trade Desk spearheaded the development of UID2, empowering consumers through a privacy-conscious identifier linked to encrypted email addresses. This open-source identity framework has swiftly gained traction among technology providers, advertisers, and publishers reliant on advertising revenue to sustain their businesses and support quality journalism.

As India's most prominent digital media conglomerate, Times Internet boasts an extensive network with over 415 million monthly visitors, reaching more than 54 per cent of internet users nationwide. Home to established brands such as TOI (Times of India), Economic Times, and GadgetsNow, Times Internet proudly becomes the first digital partner in India to embrace this innovative identity solution. UID2, which is interoperable with other identity frameworks, prioritises privacy and transparency while enabling advertisers to connect with more relevant audiences.

Times Internet COO Puneet Gupt heralds a new era for India's digital media landscape as the company takes a bold step forward by adopting Unified ID 2.0. In alignment with the industry’s data-driven evolution, this innovative identity framework not only empowers advertisers with precise targeting capabilities but also underscores Times Internet's commitment to delivering premium content that readers trust. Unified ID 2.0 enhances the user experience, offering more relevant advertising while ensuring consumers enjoy heightened protection and control in the ever-changing digital advertising landscape."

The Trade Desk general manager of inventory partnerships Bihao Pan emphasised the significance of Unified ID 2.0 in the evolving advertising landscape, stating, "The deprecation of third-party cookies necessitates publishers adopting independent, privacy-centric solutions like Unified ID 2.0. As we progress towards a cookie-free future, Unified ID 2.0 offers an upgrade to current industry standards, resulting in a more personalised advertising experience for consumers. It also helps publishers address advertisers’ requirements for enhanced targeting and better measurement across various digital platforms. We're proud to support Times Internet in their pioneering efforts for media in India."