SVG Media attains a new milestone in the Indian digital media space

SVG Media attains a new milestone in the Indian digital media space

SVG Media

MUMBAI: SVG Media has gone on to retain its leadership position with the current expanded reach of 31.2 million unique visitors. As per the latest comScore numbers, SVG Media (including all its entities: Tyroo, PrecisionMatch and DGM India) is the third largest display ad-network in India after Google and Tribal Fusion and the largest Indian display ad-network that reaches out to 47 per cent of the internet audience over a three monthly average.

In addition to this, SVG Media boasts of the fastest rate of growth in terms of audience reach. As per comScore, Total Unique Visitors (000) to SVG Media increased 75 per cent since May 2012 which is higher than that of any other network in India.

SVG Media not only has a significantly higher reach than that of other Indian ad-networks for May 2013 but also the highest three month average reach in the Indian Display ad ecosystem. The average daily visitors and total page views for SVG Media stand at 3.8 million and 863 million respectively.

SVG Media claims to be the only Indian media network offering the largest reach across verticals such as Automobile 80.3 per cent, Technology 63 per cent, Telecom 65 per cent, Business Finance 58 per cent and B2B 75 per cent.

comScore is the industry benchmark for measuring display ad-ecosystem and it does not track text links, e-mailers and other similar inventories which constitute a significant proportion of SVG Media‘s portfolio apart from display.

SVG Media‘s audience break-up includes 60 per cent male and 40 per cent female audiences on the internet. The 60:40 male to female ratio is in line with the overall internet user average. About 76 per cent of SVG Media‘s audience reach comes from the age bracket of 15-34yrs, giving an advertiser the opportunity to target a wider set of audience and to choose the most appropriate mix of internet audience basis their objectives.

comScore Media Metrix monitors only the online activities of individuals within a universe, these can be defined as audience 15 years and above who have accessed the internet from either a home or a work computer in the past 30 days. comScore does not monitor internet usage activities that are undertaken from an internet cafe or other public/shared computers.