Slice launches its first-ever campaign ‘Ras Aisa Ki Bas Na Chalega’

Slice launches its first-ever campaign ‘Ras Aisa Ki Bas Na Chalega’

The TVC features Slice’s new brand ambassador, Nayanthara for the first time.


Mumbai: In a bid to enthral consumers with an unparalleled mango experience and temptation, Slice, has unveiled its first-ever campaign featuring its newly appointed brand ambassador and Lady Superstar, Nayanthara. The enchanting summer campaign, 'Ras Aisa Ki Bas Na Chalega’ aims to solidify Slice's position as the ultimate companion for fulfilling insatiable mango cravings. Through a spell-binding TVC, it underscores Slice's irresistible allure, capturing its resemblance to the authentic mango experience in its full uninhibited splendour. With this campaign, the brand seeks to strengthen its connection with consumers in southern India by leveraging Nayanthara's widespread appeal in the markets.

The TVC opens with Nayanthara, adorned in elegance, preparing to depart for an event, her gaze fixed upon the mirror. As she makes her decision to step out, a captivating display of mangoes and glistening Slice® bottles captures her attention. With an enticing smile, she grasps a bottle and indulges in it with uninhibited pleasure. Despite the messy juices cascading down her hands, Nayanthara savours the succulent flavour of Slice without hesitation and completely immersed in the mango-like experience. Amidst this, her friends call to remind her of the event, but they too are drawn to the mesmerizing scene, asking for a taste of Slice and ultimately succumbing to the irresistible allure of authentic mango-like indulgence. The TVC revels in the delightful messiness and pure indulgence of enjoying a mango, underscoring how Slice captures the essence of this experience.

Speaking on the campaign, PepsiCo India associate director, Slice and Tropicana Anuj Goyal said, “As a brand, Slice holds deep reverence within the Indian market, dedicated to delivering the most authentic mango experience. Our newest summer campaign embodies the quintessential Slice ethos of savouring the mango journey without any inhibitions. In line with this, we are thrilled to introduce our first-ever TVC with our new brand ambassador Nayanthara. With a targeted effort to expand our market presence in the South, Nayanthara, India’s 'Lady Superstar,' was a perfect embodiment of the brand's philosophy with her charming persona and massive fan base. Through our campaign, our goal is to emphasize Slice's irresistible mango allure, drawing parallels to the delightful messiness and sheer indulgence of mango consumption. We are optimistic that our consumers will enjoy the pure-mango bliss, and their experience will be further elevated with the lively screen presence of Nayanthara.”

Commenting on the film, the actress and Slice’s brand ambassador, Nayanthara said, “I am absolutely thrilled to partner with Slice, a brand that holds a special place in my heart as one of my personal favorites, offering an authentic mango experience on-the-go. Filming this campaign was an absolute pleasure for me, as it captured exactly how I love to indulge in mangoes - fully immersed in the experience. From start to finish, it's been an incredibly enjoyable journey. I can’t wait for my fans to see the film and indulge in the irresistible mango experience without any inhibitions just like I did.”

The new Slice TVC will be amplified across TV, digital, outdoor, and social media with a 360-degree campaign. Slice is available in single and multiple-serve packs across all modern and traditional retail outlets in India, as well as on leading e-commerce platforms.

*Slice’s position of being the thickest and tastiest mango drink in India has been corroborated through a study by Nielsen IG.