In a first, Rexona books umpires' armpits for advertising

In a first, Rexona books umpires' armpits for advertising

The brand plans to “own the underarm space.”


NEW DELHI: One may have heard of underarm bowling in cricket, but underarm advertising has to be a first. In the latest, Rexona has partnered with Cricket Australia and Big Bash League (BBL 2020) in a unique sponsorship deal that does not include players, but focuses on umpires instead.

The deodorant and antiperspirant brand will be advertising on the underarms of the umpires. The use of armpits for product placement is believed to be a first in the world of sports.

The deal requires umpires in the BBL 2020 to sport the product’s branding under their arms, which will be fully revealed to the watching world upon the signalling of a six (both arms raised, two logos revealed) or a bye (just one).

Along with the six, Rexona brand will also be sighted when an umpire raises his finger to give a batsman out. Other than this the brand will feature on cardboard cut-outs of umpires in supermarkets and retail outlets, according to reports in Australian media.

The deal is the latest in a string of commercial partnerships either renewed or acquired by Cricket Australia this year. The organisation will generate a record $70 million in sponsorship this summer, despite the financial difficulties presented by the Covid2019 pandemic.

Rexona is the 22nd sponsor to join cricket’s stable of commercial partners as part of its strategy to “own the underarm space” during summer for Cricket Australia.

This season beside Rexona, Australian board has clinched landmark sponsorship deals with Dettol as T20 and ODI series sponsor, Vodafone as Test Match series sponsor. Besides this KFC has been renewed as title sponsor of the BBL 2020, with Cricket Australia rejecting $10 million a year offer by rival fast food giant McDonald's in favour of the fried chicken brand.