SBI’s quirky commercial pushes for EMI on debit card offering

SBI’s quirky commercial pushes for EMI on debit card offering

The campaign has been conceptualised by Rediffusion Brand Solutions.


NEW DELHI: SBI has launched a campaign titled #KhushiyanOnEMI to promote its EMI through debit card facility. Through this facility, consumers can make high ticket purchases like new durables, electronics or even jewellery items and convert them to easy monthly instalments, without causing much of a dent in their finances.

Facilities like these were previously only available through credit cards, consumer durable loans or personal loans, which involved longer processes and stringent financial background checks. This made it impossible for a section of the population to afford them. With the debit card EMI, consumers can get pre-approved loans with no documentation and KYC Verification.

Conceptualised by Rediffusion Brand Solutions, three quirky films have been rolled out highlighting the offering. The first film opens with a father installing a new TV at home. The son is taken aback, followed by the father revealing that a new TV will help make a good impression on his son’s special friend who is visiting the next day. The second film showcases a humorous mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo, in which the daughter-in-law gifts the former a new tablet to complain to her son. The third film features a pair of siblings, of whom the sister is vegetarian and the brother non-vegetarian. The brother asks why there is a new double door refrigerator in their kitchen. The sister explains that one door is hers and the other his, so no more bickering for fridge space.

Rediffusion Brand Solutions executive creative director and Mumbai creative head Pramod Sharma said, “What happens when you have the power of EMIs on your debit card? Buying things for loved ones becomes easier than ever. Through three quirky films we have tried to establish this fact.”

The films have been released on the digital platform and will soon be taken to television to ensure greater reach amongst the intended target group.