Locobuzz unveils advanced product enhancements to CX Suite

Locobuzz unveils advanced product enhancements to CX Suite

With cutting-edge AI a brand can amplify impact and boost productivity by up to 60 per cent


Mumbai:  Locobuzz, India’s digital customer experience platform, announces its new AI-powered product innovations across its suite of solutions that allow customers to streamline operations, elevate agent performance, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

This upgrade includes cutting-edge AI capabilities such as actionability detection, AI-based categorisation, ticket summarisation and automated response generation, all of which are intended to provide brands with a 60 per cent increase in the productivity of their service teams.

With this latest release, Locobuzz has solidified its leadership in AI innovation. Bringing cutting-edge features to analyse conversations with precision, optimise ticket routing and categorisation, save time with automated responses, and gain actionable insights to make data-driven decisions without manual intervention.

Locobuzz co-founder & CTO Nitin Agarwal said, “Our aim is to empower CX leaders with the tools and insights they need to unlock exceptional customer experiences and drive business growth. Each enhancement is meticulously designed to simplify their lives, providing richer analytics, faster time to value, and a unified platform to help teams to gain the time and resource savings they need to make a difference."

The new enhancements provide more value to Locobuzz customers. The key features and benefits of these enhancements include: -

Smart Ticket Creation -

Not all conversations on social media need to become customer support tickets. The AI-led smart ticket creation cuts through the noise, automatically identifying the key issues and opportunities that really matter in the consistent stream of questions, complaints and requests from the pool of social media conversations to support tickets. It dramatically reduces agent workload by filtering out non-essential interactions, allowing them to focus on genuine customer concerns.

The effectiveness of this feature is evident in the experience of a leading consumer electronics brand, which saw a remarkable 63 per cent improvement in FLR (First Level Response) and a staggering 94 per cent reduction in direct close tickets within the first week of usage.

AI Conversation Tags -

This powerful feature harnesses artificial intelligence to automatically identify different types of conversations and categorises them into customer intent tags, such as requests, appreciation, complaints, etc. It provides a clear context for each message and empowers agents to swiftly understand the issue and respond effectively. These tags can also be utilised to route specific types of conversations to specialised teams and agents. Such streamlined workflows not only simplify the handling of social media interactions but also enable better customer responses to each message.

Ticket Summarisation-

Ticket Summarisation feature provides a swift and efficient way for agents to get up to speed with customer interactions. With the ability to instantly create concise summaries, this tool emphasises the critical points of conversations, offering agents a quick reference to customer history and current concerns. Designed to expedite the resolution process, Ticket Summarisation significantly cuts down on agent handling time, boosting customer service productivity by up to 40 per cent while ensuring all agents stay updated and make informed decisions.

ResponseGenie -

ResponseGenie, a game-changing addition to the CX suite that equips support agents with AI-powered response suggestions. Leveraging ChatGPT's advanced capabilities and a robust brand knowledge base, ResponseGenie delivers precise, real-time replies to social media inquiries, enhancing response quality and agent efficiency. This leads to marked improvements, a notable 45 per cent reduction in average handling times and customer satisfaction within weeks.