IndiaLends targets millennials with new video campaign

IndiaLends targets millennials with new video campaign

The creative agencies involved for the campaign were Adfactors PR and OneImpact.


Mumbai: IndiaLends has launched its video campaign "#TarakkiKiTayari," which aims to raise awareness among early and new credit customers about the proper use of credit for personal and financial growth.

The campaign is carried out by creative agencies Adfactors PR and OneImpact. The digital campaign was launched as part of IndiaLends' communication narrative, focusing on the significance of personal growth for India’s youth. The campaign is amplified across IndiaLends’ social media platforms.

Through the campaign, IndiaLends aims to catch the pulse of the millennial generation, for whom self-growth has become extremely essential. The "#TarakkiKiTayari" campaign encourages millennials to be aware of the best ways to use credit products in order to contribute to their personal growth and achieve their goals. The campaign showcases how IndiaLends helps in planning expenditure and enables one to fulfil their needs without compromising financial health.

The company is leveraging the video campaign through influencer marketing with a variety of social media influencers, including lifestyle influencers such as Shivangi, Dushyant, and Aanchal, couple travel influencers Archana & Vidur, and parental influences such as Priyanshi.

Speaking about the campaign, IndiaLends head of brand and marketing Ankit Khurana said, "The festive season is a special time for individuals and families. The festivities mark the onset of new beginnings. Keeping in mind the symbolism of our country's festivals, we launched the "#TarakkiKiTayari" campaign to focus on achieving aspirations without jeopardising financial stability. Since ‘personal growth’ is important, we showcased how the goal of personal and financial growth can be met by effectively using credit products."