Ex-Times Internet influencer lead's Social Aviator ready for takeoff

Ex-Times Internet influencer lead's Social Aviator ready for takeoff

Stefan Martyres aims to take advertising and marketing to the next level.

Stefan Martyres

Mumbai: Influencer marketing has bloomed into a key advertising strategy across the world. In India alone, the influencer marketing industry in India was valued at over Rs 12 billion in 2022. Most brands have a dedicated Influencer marketing budget set out. But do they know how to utilize it? This was the question that led Stefan Martyres to set up his new business venture - Social Aviator. After his impressive 8+ year stint at Times Internet, where he built the entire Influencer Marketing team from scratch and successfully delivered several innovative campaigns for leading brands, Martyres aims to take his journey in the world of advertising and marketing to the next level.

With 13 years of experience in the field of Sports, Media & Entertainment, Martyres stepped into his entrepreneurial journey which is focused on offering strategic solutions that not only cater to the brand’s needs but also deliver influencer fits that align with the brand ethos, messaging and target audience.

Martyres has spent over a decade honing his skills and making a profound impact on the way brands engage with their audiences. His exceptional career journey, which includes pivotal roles in key organizations like Times Internet, Star Sports, Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), amongst others.

Talking about his new venture, Martyres said, "Advertising is all about connecting with people on a profound level and inspiring them. With Social Aviator, we are focusing on creating custom solutions that make the most of all the tools that are currently available for advertisers, and creating an optimized and tailored solution. My experience in Influencer Marketing has helped me get a core understanding of the power of the right form of content and this is the skill that we aim to capitalize on. The content-led solutions we offer will not just focus on promoting a brand but also building an emotional connection by giving it a personalized and organic touch."

Martyres' new venture promises to push the boundaries of brand marketing by harnessing the power of influencers, optimising the use of AI in marketing, and pushing the boundaries of possibilities with brand collaborations. With a team of seasoned professionals and a client-centric approach, the company aims to deliver tailor-made advertising solutions that resonate with audiences, drive brand loyalty, and generate measurable results. In addition to this, Martyres is also focused on providing a plethora of additional services that make the delivery of brand solutions more streamlined. With the launch of a custom Social Aviator Studios, the brand aims to also push the boundaries of content creation by making the end to end solution seamless.

Talking about the timing of this venture, Martyres said, “In the recent times, consumers have become more conscious and aware about not just the products they buy but the communication that these brands have online. It is therefore crucial to provide solutions that not only connect with the masses but can also convince them to build a longer association with the brand. Social Aviator aims to do just that. We also understand that streamlining brand advertising and providing timely and quality solutions is the key to making an impact. Our supporting services will help us achieve this in the most optimised way.”