Apollo Tyres partners with Wunderman Thompson to launch new TVC

Apollo Tyres partners with Wunderman Thompson to launch new TVC

The partnership encourages riders to go beyond sameness with Tramplr.


New Delhi: Apollo Tyres has unveiled its latest television commercial for its off-roading motorcycle tyres- Apollo Tramplr.

The TVC was launched in partnership with Wunderman Thompson.

Through this power-packed commercial, Apollo Tyres is set to create a distinct spot for itself in the crowded all-terrain tyre market where every brand claims to offer true-blue off-roading tyres.

This TVC is created to strike a chord with the adventure loving bikers who want the best tyres for their motorcycles.

Conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson, the TVC is based on a unique and interesting observation. When it comes to off-roading adventure, every brand has the same thing to say and show to prove their point- the same mountains, the same trails and the same obstacles. There is nothing new. It is time to challenge the sameness. It is time to tell the world that adventure isn’t about visiting the same place, taking the same turn or following the same road taken by millions.

Thus ‘Go Beyond Sameness’ was born. It is a call to every adventure lover to find new routes, challenge the limits, and discover something the world has never seen before. Because the real adventure begins when you go beyond sameness.  

Commenting on the launch, Apollo Tyres president- Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa Satish Sharma said, “Apollo Tramplr is designed for both on and off -road applications. The product is designed to give confidence to the rider to go beyond the usual terrains. Tramplr’s design is inspired by the legendary off-roading capability of ibex. The tread design of this tyre is derived from ibex hoofs for stronger grip, better control, and superior manoeuvrability. We have tested this product over some of the toughest of terrains before bringing it out for our customers.”

Commenting on the TVC launch, Wunderman Thompson senior vice president and managing partner Joy Chauhan said, “Love for adventure is only second to the love for newer adventures for today's youth. Brands which vibe with the thinking, culture, and aspirational values of the young and restless take up their mind space. Apollo Trampler is designed to fulfill the youth’s desire to challenge the sameness and go beyond to discover new experiences. This digital first campaign has all the right ingredients to support our adventure loving youth in their journey to greatness. Let the true adventure begin where sameness ends.”

Sharing his thought on the TVC, Wunderman Thompson vice president and ECD Sundeep Sehgal said, “The idea of sameness comes from consumer behaviour. We observed sameness is the biggest enemy of discovery. It's like a loop. The commercial is a reflection of every rider/adventure seeker who is somewhere stuck in that loop. They want to go on an adventurous journey but have forgotten the idea of going beyond. The idea was to nudge and make them go beyond their comfort zone, go beyond sameness.”