PoloQueen announces Raveena Tandon as brand ambassador for its kitchen essentials

PoloQueen announces Raveena Tandon as brand ambassador for its kitchen essentials


Mumbai: PoloQueen Industrial and Fintech Ltd, a BSE-listed leading FMCG player, has announced it has roped in Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon as its brand ambassador. The move is part of PoloQueen’s double-down strategy for its range of kitchen essentials to increase sales and expand its distribution reach in the existing markets.

With a career spanning over three decades and a pan-India appeal, Raveena Tandon brings her resonating persona to the brand, aiming to connect with consumers across various working age groups.

“PoloQueen is thrilled to have Raveen Tandon as its brand ambassador. Her familial ties and magnetic personality are seen as a natural fit for PoloQueen's family-oriented consumer base, and her dynamic reputation in the industry aligns with the brand's image of loyalty and consistency. With this partnership, we expect to reach a wider audience with our kitchen essentials through an omnichannel approach,” said PoloQueen director and CFO Udit P Sanghai.

Raveena Tandon is already a household name, and her association also fits into PoloQueen’s FMCG strategy. She will be at the forefront of PoloQueen's upcoming promotional campaigns, which are designed to cement the brand's market presence and increase its revenue growth during the fiscal year 2024-25 for its kitchen essentials segment that has products such as PoloQueen’s Shudh range of dishwashing liquid and bar and PoloQueen’s Slickwrapp products.

Talking about her role as a brand ambassador, Raveena Tandon said, ” I'm really excited about the opportunity to build a strong and successful partnership with PoloQueen. Their range of kitchen accessories is exactly what every homemaker, be it a man or woman, needs on a daily basis. With this association, I am confident that PoloQueen will soon be a household name in the markets in which it operates. Working with Udit has been a pleasure, and I am looking forward to more positive experiences in the future.”

The partnership is expected to provide PoloQueen with a competitive edge, and through Raveena Tandon’s association, the brand aims to send a message of long-term commitment and reliability to its customers and shareholders.

The pandemic has also resulted in a change in consumer behavior in the context of home hygiene, leading to an increase in awareness and usage of such products. While PoloQueen's long-term goals include expanding its product portfolio and gaining market share in existing geographies, the immediate focus is establishing brand loyalty and growth. The collaboration with Raveena Tandon is a strategic move that fits seamlessly into this vision.

The engagement between Raveena Tandon and PoloQueen is focused on marketing and promotions, including the launch of exclusive product lines featuring Raveena's image.

Through the current branding exercise, PoloQueen plans to further tap into the strong network of Kirana stores and burgeoning e-commerce portals in the country to grow its sales and gain visibility. The integration of Raveena into PoloQueen's strategies marks a significant step in this direction.

PoloQueen, with its rich legacy stemming from the famous textile company House of Rajkamal, continues to uphold the highest level of integrity and commitment in its diverse activities, ranging from FMCG products to agro processing and establishing a state-of-the-art data centre under its multi-divisional operations.