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    Mumbai: Over 450 million enthusiastic fans across the globe are eagerly waiting for the IndianOil Grand Prix of India

  • Discovery Turbo ties up with Red Bull India for special

    Submitted by ITV Production on Oct 19
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    MUMBAI: Discovery Turbo joins Red Bull India to take the Formula 1 car to the Khardung-La in Ladakh region. At 18,300 feet, the Khardungla Pass is a hostile road, hardly the place for a Formula 1 car.

    The special ‘Khardung-LA: Race Car Extreme‘ follows the F1 car and its daring driver Neel Jani push to their limit on the highest altitude possible and create a new world record.

    The special will air on 21 October at 8 pm on Discovery Turbo. The programme will simulcast on Discovery and Discovery Tamil.

    The special will track the Red Bull Racing Team as it takes up the challenge of battling technological barriers and overcomes human performance element on their exciting new mission to drive to Khardung-La. Lack of oxygen, extreme terrain and uneven roads are the reasons why no one has ever dared to run an F1 car at this world‘s highest motor able road.

    Red Bull‘s driver Neel Jani, an experienced motorist, becomes the first driver to take the challenge to drive Formula 1 car to the world famous Khardung-La pass, in a drive of a lifetime. Neel, a native of Switzerland (of Indian origin), has been a part of many memorable drives for Red Bull and won accolades such as A1 Grand Priz season 2007-08.

    The special will take viewers behind the scenes at the Red Bull Racing factory in Milton Keynes, through United Kingdom to New Delhi and to the Ladakh valley. The programme features the logistics details required to undertake this mission which involved transporting the car and 5 tons of Formula One equipment up the long and three-day treachorous journey from Delhi to Leh.

    In low oxygen conditions, the team pushed themselves and Formula 1 car to run at 18,380 feet in the Khardung-La pass to create the world record.

    Viewers will witness the challenges to drive through inhospitable roads and extreme weather conditions.

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