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  • Grey Matter partners Novovision to produce humour clips

    Submitted by ITV Production on Oct 30
    indiantelevision.com Team

    MUMBAI: Grey Matter Entertainment, the media company providing production services for broadcast, celluloid and digital platforms, has partnered with 10-year-old French company Novovision, a leading non-dialogue gag clips producer.

    As part of the partnership, Grey Matter Entertainment will produce around 1200 humour clips for Novovision. Grey Matter and Novovision will co-own IPR for all content produced.

    The company says that the content will also be broadcast in over 100 countries and across all platforms worldwide.

    It is for the first time that Novovision has partnered with an Asian company to co-produce gag clips. With shows like "POP CORN TV" to its credit, the world leader for providing humour clips is looking forward to producing thousands of videos along with Grey Matter.

    Grey Matter, with its celebrated work for the Reebok Pit Stop with Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes Benz MTV Date with Speed, Grammy Nominees Special 2011 and the like, has reflected as an epitome of ideas and concepts to Novovision.

    Novovision CEO Fran?ois-Xavier Poirier said, "We decided to co-produce shows with Grey Matter because we share the same values. Both of us wanted to create a show of very edgy gags produced locally for local and world audience. Grey Matter Entertainment is a largely recognized Indian content production company. This partnership shall result in a successful collaboration of two experienced personalities sharing the same passion for candid camera."

    Commenting on the partnership, Grey Matter Entertainment Founder-CEO Chandradev Bhagat said, "It is said that laughter is the best medicine and now this medicine will be available to viewers in an exhaustive package put together by our partnership. The association with Novovision is a tremendous step for Grey Matter, and we are proud to be the first Indian -- indeed, Asian -- company they have partnered with. We believe this partnership will prove to be a milestone for both companies."

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