• Hindustan Motor's Ajay Kumar Bansal quits as CEO

    MUMBAI: Automobile manufacturer Hindustan Motors, which is part of the Birla Technical Services industrial group, has

  • Discovery Science to premiere 'How Tech Works' on 3 December

    Submitted by ITV Production on Dec 01
    indiantelevision.com Team

    MUMBAI: Discovery Science is all set to premiere a show that features latest and future technologies in the military and the automobile industry.

    Titled ?How Tech Works?, the show will air every night at 9 pm starting 3 December.

    The 13-part series is a journey of the world where audience will get to see the inventors and innovators behind the latest technology.

    Discovery Networks Asia Pacific Senior Vice President and General Manager Rahul Johri said, "Discovery Science continues to offer an enthralling viewing experience with its distinctive and high-quality programming. ?How Tech Works? reveals the most innovative technological breakthroughs around the globe."

    ?How Tech Works? introduces an array of fast paced, visually stunning stories including a trip high in the sky with the newest and largest military plane, the A400M, and a journey to the depths of the Pacific Ocean with robots, as they explore previously unreachable parts of the ocean.

    Some of the technological advancements featured in the series are: Quad-Copters (Flying Robots capable of building a 6 meter tall structure), Wikispeed (super fuel efficient car that goes from zero to 60 in five seconds. It can reach a top speed of 143 miles an hour, giving as much as 125 miles per gallon), the new C295 military plane from Spain that can transform from a hospital to a cargo vessel and back to a passenger plane in less time than it takes to book a flight and U-Boat Worx- the Dutch company that makes personal submersibles for two to five people with big acrylic bubbles that give spectacular views under the sea.

  • TiVo launches new Guru Guide recommendations

    MUMBAI: TiVo is all set to launch the TiVo Guru Guide recommendations.

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