BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit to bring new podcast series from 4 October

BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit to bring new podcast series from 4 October

Commissioned by BBC Studios Digital Engagement, the new podcast is available on YouTube.

BBC Studios

Mumbai: BBC Studios has announced that producers of natural history programmes such as Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II are bringing their storytelling to audiences’ ears with a new podcast. Whether one is a nature lover, nature curious or haven’t yet realised nature is for one, the BBC Earth Podcast is accessible for all, sprinkling entertainment and humour into stories from around the natural world told by global speakers, experts, and campaigners. It has been commissioned by BBC Studios Digital Engagement.

Starting 4 October, this podcast will drop every week until 27 December on YouTube, Spotify and other platforms where listeners get their podcasts.

Each episode is themed around a core topic – from real life superpowers to the importance of death and decay – which nature-loving zoologist hosts Rutendo Shackleton and Sebastian Echeverri explore alongside special guests including nature Instagrammers, stars of film and television, and the world’s most respected scientists and naturalists.

Colombian born Sebastian and Zimbabwean born Rutendo break down complex and technical subjects into relatable, conversational, and sometimes humorous stories.

Eric Stonestreet, best known from his role in Modern Family features in episode one exploring his inspiration and insight for animal voice acting roles and wildlife, and TikToker Mamadou Ndiaye, the ‘internet zoologist’ entertains in episode three with his comic approach to the natural world.

Rutendo and Sebastian are here to make the natural world available to everyone. 

Sebastian said, “Growing up, I did not see myself reflected in any of the people I saw in natural history media, and that made it really hard to envision myself working with nature as a career. But science and the natural world is for everyone, and that is a core message of the podcast.” 

Rutendo added, “My hope is that this podcast encourages every listener to go out and appreciate the nature around them - wherever they are! And to feel included in the conservation conversation in whatever capacity they are able to do so. This podcast is meant to encourage everyone to gain a deeper love for the natural world, because when you love something, you’ll fight hard to protect and preserve it!”

NHU Digital head Lee Bacon said, “Here at the BBC Natural History Unit, we knew that there were an abundance of amazing animal stories, passionate expert contributors and unbelievable unheard sounds that were just waiting be shared with the world in a new type of nature podcast, and we’re incredibly excited to be working with BBC Studios Digital Engagement to bring together a fantastically talented team and two brilliant new talents in Sebastian and Rutendo to launch The BBC Earth Podcast. It’s been a highlight of my job to get to listen to what they have been capturing and I can’t wait for everyone to hear what we have been making.”

BBC Studios Digital Engagement VP programming Athena Witter said, “We're proud to launch a brand-new podcast featuring new talent in the natural history space, with our resident experts Rutendo Shackleton and Sebastian Echeverri taking the helm for this series. Each episode brings in leading voices across a range of topics tied to the natural world and the universe – from superpowers, to death, to activism and beyond – and presents an exciting new digital proposition for BBC Earth's audience.”

The BBC Earth Podcast was commissioned by Chris Allen and Matt Butler for BBC Studios. It is a BBC Studios Natural History Unit production. The executive producer was Deborah Dudgeon.