Sony LIV announces Shark Tank India S3 Campus Special

Sony LIV announces Shark Tank India S3 Campus Special

Registrations open for student entrepreneurs from 12 September only on Sony LIV.

Shark Tank

Mumbai: Shark Tank, which has seen immense success in all its editions worldwide, has taken the country by storm with its Indian installment. After getting unwavering support for the first two seasons, the show which has been the beacon of empowerment and dreams for Indians, will raise the bar even higher in season three. In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the show is all set to open its doors to student entrepreneurs aged 18 and above with the ‘Shark Tank India S3 Campus Special’ announcement. The registrations for the studentpreneurs are all set to open from 12 September exclusively on Sony LIV.

Shark Tank India S3 Campus Special aims to nurture the next generation of Indian entrepreneurs across educational institutions in the country. By giving them a platform to showcase their creativity, Shark Tank India S3 Campus Special will enable students, aged 18 and above, who are waiting for their business ideas to be seen and heard, to connect with like-minded student entrepreneurs, investors, and business experts, and enter a world of endless opportunities.

Embark on this journey and witness your dreams take flight! Here’s how you can dive into the tank:

Step 1 – Seize the opportunity: Online Application

Download or update the Sony LIV app or log on to to fill out the Shark Tank India Season 3 registration form. Applicable only for students aged 18 and above in degree or MBA colleges who have valid college IDs which they have to upload on the Campus Special portal. Provide a captivating description of your business idea, highlighting its uniqueness and potential. You will advance to the next step if your idea catches the Shark Tank India team's attention.

Step 2 – Make an Impact: The Pitch

You can upload your three-minute video pitch to convince the Shark Tank India team why your business idea deserves their investment. Demonstrate what sets you apart and why you are poised for success. Your pitch will determine if you have what it takes to be part of Shark Tank India Season 3.

Step 3 – Rise to the Challenge: The Audition

Those who make it past the initial selection will face a rigorous audition process. Present your business idea to the Shark Tank India team, who will assess your potential and narrow down the candidates to the most promising ones. This audition is a crucial step toward realizing your aspirations in the world of entrepreneurship.

Step 4 – The Ultimate Challenge: Shark Tank India

Prepare yourself for the ultimate test of determination and resilience. Selected participants, known as Pitchers, will enter the Tank, facing the renowned panel of Sharks. These experienced investors will evaluate, analyse, and make offers based on your final pitch. Get ready to negotiate, seize opportunities, and secure the deal of a lifetime!

‘Sirf career nahi, apna dream launch kijiye’, by registering for Shark Tank India Season 3 Campus Special only on Sony LIV!