3SS at IBC 2022: Operators get the opportunity to find their perfect match

3SS at IBC 2022: Operators get the opportunity to find their perfect match

Visitors can experience 3Ready Automotive in the driver’s seat of a car for the first time.

IBC 2022

Mumbai: 3Screen Solutions (3SS) will have its biggest-ever show presence at IBC 2022. Following a three-year hiatus from face-to-face events, the renowned user experience pioneer will present an unprecedented array of customer deployments and empowering technology partnership integrations. All of this is part of the multiple award winning 3Ready Entertainment Ecosystem.

3SS CPO & CMO Pierre Donath said, "It’s truly wonderful to be back at IBC, and have the chance to see our industry colleagues from around the world, and to explore how together we can make entertainment more simple and personal for everyone," he commented.

He further added, "This is a milestone year for 3SS: we’re super excited to showcase our latest deployments and enabling technologies that help operators provide their customers with experiences that they really love, and to celebrate our collaborations with over 100 ecosystem partners, on our bigger-than-ever IBC exhibit."

"Our theme this year is ‘It’s A Match!’ and we really look forward to welcoming IBC visitors to our stands and helping operators discover the products and solutions that perfectly match their business needs for powering their next-generation entertainment platforms," he added.

The ever-expanding 3Ready product platform was created to assist operators in accelerating time-to-market, delivering a unified experience across all devices, launching revenues, and rapidly innovating while avoiding technology vendor lock-in.

3Ready is now enabling next-generation video experiences for over 20 major operators around the world, with a combined reach of more than 35 million households. The 3Ready Entertainment Ecosystem enables service providers to fully exploit 3Ready's flexibility, which is enabled by its underlying architecture. 3Ready works seamlessly with the backend, revenue protection, recommendation engine, STB, and other system elements of the operator's choice thanks to its extensive pre-integration options. Uncertainties in technology are eliminated, allowing providers to focus on providing excellent service.

3SS reimagines in-car entertainment at IBC

For the first time, 3SS will present the future of in-car digital entertainment at IBC. The company has brought a "Polestar 2" car to Amsterdam and parked it outside the exhibit area, inviting visitors to take a seat and experience its 3Ready-powered automotive experience, which is based on the Android Automotive Operating System (AAOS).

In-vehicle displays, in addition to all of the familiar screens, are the next touchpoints for enjoying video entertainment on the go. 3Ready enables operators and automobile manufacturers to add entertainment to any in-car infotainment system. UX can be adjusted and targeted dynamically, with the ability to curate all content, including third-party apps. The end result is superior entertainment and enjoyment for all occupants of the vehicle. To date, 3SS has two projects with automobile manufacturers.

All-new 3Ready Control Centre takes centre stage

3Ready Control Center 3.0 is a new SaaS experience management solution from 3SS. With this centralised, one-stop solution that is highly visual and intuitive, anyone can curate a highly personalised and unified experience across all screens. 3Ready Control Center allows more members of an operator's content curation and marketing teams to easily target, manage, and visually optimise UX to increase customer retention. Operators benefit from real-time management of all service and device apps' content, features, and branding from a single unified location.

A/B testing is the most direct and powerful method of gauging viewer preferences, and it can be done with high automation, individually or by customer segment. Experiments with new features can be carried out quickly and with confidence, as can adaptations.

The dashboards of the 3Ready Control Centre have simple functions and navigation that do not require technical knowledge. This reduces reliance on technical specialists. Editors can make necessary UI/UX changes visually, and all of the operator's apps will automatically retrieve and apply them without requiring any code changes. Consistent, stable, and scalable cross-device user experiences result, with significant time and effort savings.

3Ready Control Centre integrates seamlessly with any backend, recommendation, metadata, analytics, and advertising solution that an operator selects.

The benefits of holistic content discovery and recommendation benefit both super-aggregators and their customers. The 3Ready Control Centre allows you to curate content from any source, including third-party providers. The end result is a unified and personalised user experience across all screens. Operators gain greater utility and flexibility than ever before by managing all client apps, including connected TV brands, STBs, tablets, smartphones, in-car displays, and so on, in a streamlined, highly efficient manner.

Demos of the latest integrations for transformational UX

The 3SS booth (5.A83) will feature an unprecedented demonstration array of enabling technical integrations with world technology leaders. These include, among others:

Targeted advertisements: 3SS will demonstrate a solution integrated into the 3Ready platform that enables operators to quickly deploy linear ad insertion on OTT and hybrid STBs while providing their customers with a seamless ad experience (Live to Ad). It is independent of any ad solution or ad network and provides cross-device control over the advertising experience to enable ad-supported business models.

KAON, 3SS, and Green Streams: KAON, 3SS, and Green Streams have collaborated to develop a new pre-integrated end-to-end technology platform that will enable Tier 2 and medium-sized providers to quickly and affordably deliver super-aggregated video services based on Android TV. Green Streams' TVaaS backend platform, powerful yet reasonably priced KAON Netflix Certified STB, and the advanced 3Ready UX comprise the new turnkey solution. Tier 2 and mid-sized providers can thus accelerate service launches and revenue growth.

Allente implements 3Ready Control Center 3.0 in collaboration with ContentWise: Nordic pay-TV behemoth Allente has become the first operator to deploy 3Ready Control Center 3.0. This project is a critical enabler of Allente's next-generation super-aggregated TV services for Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Allente and its customers will also benefit from 3Ready Control Center 3.0's seamless integration with ContentWise's UX Engine (stand 5.C65). This technological combination boosts customer engagement by personalising user experiences in real time.

Tele2 AB's new TV Hub Mini: A high-spec 4K dongle for OTT (over-the-top) TV, was developed in collaboration with 3SS and SEI Robotics Inc. (stand 5.F64). Subscribers enjoy a custom 3SS-engineered user experience powered by 3Ready in 3SS' first major operator dongle deployment, which is based on Android TV OS. The SEI Robotics 4K dongle provides Netflix, as well as a variety of other streaming apps and TV channels.

ThinkAnalytics with 3SS : ThinkAnalytics and 3SS will debut their new pre-integrated solution that transforms UX testing and optimisation, assisting operators in increasing engagement and reducing churn. 3Ready Control Centre is now pre-integrated with Think360, ThinkAnalytics' content discovery and analytics platform, enabling operators to deploy user experiences that maximise monetisation opportunities by leveraging data-driven continuous improvement. Editors, marketers, and curators do not require technical expertise, which reduces costs and accelerates time-to-market. Actionable insights enable operators to provide their customers with the entertainment UX they truly desire.