Sony Pictures Networks India ventures into creating 'Animation For All'

Sony Pictures Networks India ventures into creating 'Animation For All'

SPNI unveils seven new shows for global audiences across all ages, produced by YAY! Animations.


Mumbai: The leading Indian media conglomerate Sony Pictures Networks India unveils seven new shows for global audiences across all ages, produced by YAY! Animations. The fresh slate offers a wide range of content across diverse genres, including action, adventure, sci-fi, drama, fantasy, and horror, which will cater to both adults and teens. Additionally, it features comedy and edutainment content that will appeal to kids across the globe.

The studio's maiden venture into animation content production made headlines with the release of the 2D-animated series 'Sudha Murty’s Tales of Wit and Magic,' which premiered exclusively on Netflix earlier this year and maintained number one position in the charts for multiple weeks across the kid’s category on the platform.

Below is the current slate of content crafted from the storyboard to screens by the studio:

Animation for adults -

●    Karna – The Guardian: The show is a unique production, that blends the rich story material hailing from India with the creative prowess by Ascension, a Japanese studio. Directed by Tetsuo Hirakawa, this ambitious and groundbreaking show combines Indian mythology and science fiction. The story takes you on a journey of an ordinary boy who discovers his lineage as the guardian of the three realms.

Episodes – 12

Duration - 22 mins

●    Uncanny Short Stories- Satyajit Ray – The show is an animated adaptation of a selection of 13 short stories written by the acclaimed Academy Award Winner – Satyajit Ray. The series delves into supernatural, psychological and macabre elements and explores dark secrets. The original works written in Bengali will be re- produced under the creative supervision of Sandip Ray with background music rendered by the National Award Winner Shantanu Moitra.  

Episodes – 13

Duration - 22 mins

●    The Besiegement – A horror show that narrates the gripping tale of Victor’s adventurous quest to confront, and vanquish Demon, the ancient ghoul who is responsible for the curse on his family. His true challenge lies in battling this ghoul, creating a spine-chilling atmosphere throughout the series.

Episodes – 10

Duration - 45 mins

●    Makeup My Life: The show delves into the insecurities faced by teenage girls and follows the transformative journey of Maya, a timid teenager. It begins with Maya, initially shy and socially awkward, stumbling upon a magical makeup box. Each makeup product she uses unlocks a unique aspect of her personality, leading to her blossoming into a self-assured and confident individual as the season progresses.

            Episodes – 13

Duration - 22 mins

Kids Animation –

●    W.H.A.T & the Dog – This chase comedy series follows the adventures of a resourceful stray dog as he navigates risky encounters while searching for food, water, shelter, and affection around a house. Inhabited by a human family and their four pets, the house becomes a hilarious battleground where the dog's determination clashes with the pets' efforts to keep him at bay. This dynamic results in a blend of rivalry and occasional moments of friendship amongst them all.

Episodes – 78

Duration - 7 mins

●    Young Achievers – The show is a thrilling blend of entertainment and adventure brought to life in collaboration with PowerKids Entertainment. This captivating series is designed for children aged 6 years and older, featuring extraordinary young talents excelling in diverse fields, from aviation and skydiving to underwater exploration, spy training, martial arts, and advanced combat operations.

Episodes – 52

Duration - 11 mins

●    Omi No. 1 – The show revolves around Omi, a privileged 9-year-old boy who is the sole heir to India's milk magnate. Omi is pampered by his opulent family of six, while he remains blissfully unaware of the outside world as he enters school life. This sets the stage for comical clashes between his unreal riches and the harsh reality of the outside world.

Episodes – 104

Duration - 11 mins

Sony Pictures Networks India business head, kids and animation Leena Lele Dutta: "At Sony Pictures Networks India, we're dedicated to pushing creative boundaries, and our animation slate embodies that commitment. We see animation as a universal medium of storytelling that transcends borders resonating across all age groups. All shows are a celebration of captivating narratives, where every frame is an imaginative canvas and every character a vessel of emotion. With this creative venture, we aim to redefine storytelling through animation and inspire hearts globally.”