OKX's Crypto Cricket Cup offers $200k prizes for fans

OKX's Crypto Cricket Cup offers $200k prizes for fans

Synced with cricket, it tasks with challenges, referrals educates on OKX Web3.


Mumbai: OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, today launched the OKX Crypto Cricket Cup, an interactive competition that runs from 5 October to 5 November alongside the 2023 international cricket championship in India, and encourages eligible participants to learn about Web3, capture exclusive, cricket-themed NFTs and compete for a share of a prize pool worth over USD200,000.

Participants in the competition will complete tasks, refer friends and learn about OKX's Web3 products. In return, they will receive prizes, including airdrops of commemorative NFTs representing real cricket teams competing in the international cricket championship.

Holders of the NFTs representing the champion, runner-up, and third-place team in the real-life tournament will be eligible to split prize pool winnings of 50,000 USDC, 30,000 USDC and 20,000 USDC respectively. Throughout the campaign, other prizes including token giveaways will also be awarded to participants.

Users who want to collect more team NFTs to have a better chance of landing a champion, runner-up or third-place team can complete more Web3 challenges or explore the OKX NFT Marketplace.

In the initial phase of the competition, starting 5 October, eligible participants can spread the word about the campaign on social media for the chance to receive an NFT. In the second phase of the competition, starting on October 9, participants can complete Web3 quests on the Polygon chain through OKX Wallet. Starting on 16 October, users can get rewards by referring friends to the competition.

OKX chief marketing officer Haider Rafique said: "Cricket as a sport is prime for a Web3 transformation. There is a ton of entertainment utility waiting to be unlocked on top of GameFi and Web3. We are keen to partner with local ecosystem players and bring some of these experiences to cricket fans, including in India, soon."

The OKX Crypto Cricket Cup runs from 5 October to 5 November and features cricket-themed NFTs relating to the following cricket teams: India, Australia, Bangladesh, England, Afghanistan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka. The final prize-giving will take place after 27 November. To enter and to read more about eligibility and requirements, click here.