Zee Business becomes viewers' top choice for Budget Day 2022

Zee Business becomes viewers' top choice for Budget Day 2022

On social media, the channel received impressive traction in India in terms of both interactions a

Zee Business

Mumbai: For the biggest event of the year - the budget 2022 coverage, Zee Business had planned way ahead of the competition and was the first to decode the 'Growth Booster' tagline and this was adapted by other channels, websites and publications, said the business news channel. Zee Business had planned the programme keeping in view the expectation of the viewers and this helped the channel reach them on multiple platforms. 

"It is not an ordinary achievement that a channel got ahead of a popular general news channel in the country and Zee Business has accomplished a historic feat and has become the top choice of viewers for union budget coverage and it was top watched channel on YouTube livestream in India ahead of Aaj Tak, CNBC Awaaz and other channels for the FM budget speech and peak concurrent. The highest number of viewers during the budget coverage livestream had crossed over 104K for Zee Business, a phenomenal achievement for any news channel," said the channel in a statement.

On Facebook, Zee Business was top business news channel in India in terms of both interactions and views on Budget Day. The hashtags #BudgetOnZee and #GrowthBoosterZee were trending on first and second spots briefly on Budget Day on Twitter that showed the support of its viewers on the channel.

Everyone in Zee Business team had worked hard and has had their share of contribution in making this a special budget coverage for the channel. It was a very well-coordinated effort of the editorial team and marketing team to push the promos and content heavily on the channel and rope in support from the Zee Media Network in days ahead of budget. The exclusive lineup of guests on air leading to the Budget Day, on Budget Day and post-budget was crucial ensuring the viewers are glued to the channel. 

The marketing team activated the Zee Media Network to push, like, comment the content published by Zee Business on various platforms ensuring that the hashtags were trending on Budget Day. Running a contest on the channel and regular announcements on air of the contest winners helped in getting the necessary chatter about the expectations from the union budget on various platforms and helping people aware of the mega event and trend on Twitter. Such events teach us that well-coordinated  and hard work pays off. In this case Zee Business has left an impression in the minds of the viewers that budget means Zee Business.

Zee Business yet again proved to be India’s go to channel for profit and wealth as it offers ‘information’ and ‘insight’ and brings business and economy coverage. It has dynamic and innovative programming that is devised by understanding the pulse of the market and makes complex news simple.