News State MP concludes ‘Badhta Madhya Pradesh’ conclave

News State MP concludes ‘Badhta Madhya Pradesh’ conclave

The conclave was specially carved to discuss the development of the state.

News Nation

Mumbai: News Nation’s regional channel News State Madhya Pradesh/Chhattisgarh has concluded its conclave specially carved to discuss the development of the state titled "Badhta Madhya Pradesh."

It witnessed the most desirable line-up of participants that News State Madhya Pradesh is known for in its events, including the heavyweights from the top political parties. The format was strategic and was considered a mix of top personalities being grilled in one-on-one sessions by the top News State anchors.

News State Madhya Pradesh/Chhattisgarh a well established regional channel from the most trusted news network, News Nation, believes in putting forth the issues related to the public in an impartial manner, and the same picture was seen in its special conclave "Badhta Madhya Pradesh."

News State boldly raised the queries of the public in the form of questions before the veterans and tried to bring every answer in front of the public.

To delight the audience with top-quality content, all political head honchos were present at the event, including Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and various other guests like BJP president Madhya Pradesh Vishnu Datt Sharma, BJP cabinet minister Madhya Pradesh Bhupendra Singh, Congress former president Madhya Pradesh Arun Yadav, BJP cabinet minister Madhya Pradesh Vishwas Sarang, and Congress former minister Jaivardhan Singh.

News Nation Network chief business officer Bhuwan Bhatt said, "We are happy to organise "Badhta Madhya Pradesh," as the title of the conclave was exactly the way the state has performed in terms of its growth rate, which was the country's highest in the years 21-22. This special event in Bhopal generated top-notch participation and a full-fledged one-to-one discussion on the future of Madhya Pradesh. The conclave was a huge success."