Network18’s TV news business posts 28 per cent revenue growth in Q4FY24

Network18’s TV news business posts 28 per cent revenue growth in Q4FY24

The revenue for the full fiscal stood at Rs 1556 crore.


Mumbai: Network18’s TV news business has recorded a massive jump of 28 per cent in its revenue in the fourth quarter of FY24.

The largest TV news network in India registered a revenue of Rs 461 crore in Q4FY24,  as compared to Rs 360 crore for the same quarter in FY23.

The revenue for the full fiscal stood at Rs 1556 crore, as compared to Rs 1252 crore in  FY23.  

The TV news business delivered a strong performance, demonstrating its readiness to leverage strong operating position in the election season. The network has been able to increase its ad rates steadily on the back of solid performance in terms of viewership.  

It continues to be the highest-reach TV news network in the country, reaching 175 million people around the country every week.

With leadership positions across key markets, the network delivered industry-leading growth in display advertising. Monetisation of IPs and events also witnessed strong  revenue traction.

The network maintained leadership positions in key markets with CNBC TV18 being the  number one business channel garnering 64.3 per cent viewership share, News18 India has been  the number one Hindi news channel in evening primetime with viewership share of 14.0 per cent,  and CNN-News18 continues to be the number one English news channel for more than two years with over 33.3 per cent viewership share.

The news network has had leadership in 4 regional markets of UP/Uttarakhand,  Bihar/Jharkhand, Gujarat, and Jammu/Kashmir/Ladakh/Himachal. Its channels in West  Bengal, Rajasthan, and Punjab/Haryana have also been strong number two players.  Along with News18 Bangla which has seen a significant improvement in ranking during the year, News18 Lokmat has firmly established itself as a strong number three player.

TV18 News Business  

Q4FY24  Q4FY23  YoY  FY24  FY23  YoY
Rs 461 Cr  Rs 360 Cr  28 per cent  Rs 1556 Cr  Rs 1252 Cr  24 per cent

Operating EBIDTA for TV News Business

Q4FY24  Q4FY23  YoY  FY24  FY23  YoY
Rs 66 Cr.  Rs 65 Cr.  2 per cent  Rs 118 Cr  Rs 70 Cr  67 per cent

Digital news business sees 40 per cent growth

The digital news business of Network18 also recorded strong growth. In Q4, it posted a  total revenue of Rs 131 crore, 40 per cent up as compared to Rs 94 crore for the same quarter  in FY23.  

For the full financial year also, the digital news business saw a solid upside with revenues touching Rs 425 crore, as compared in Rs 356 crore in FY23.  

The digital news portfolio continued to be a strong number 2 digital news publisher in the  country with 180 million plus unique visitors every month.  

Moneycontrol continued to be the number one player in terms of both reach and  engagement metrics. Moneycontrol Pro crossed 7.5 lakh paid subscribers, making it the top subscription-based news platform in India and amongst the top 20 globally as per  FIPP's Digital Subscription Report. continued to expand its editorial coverage and analysis of events across the world along with adding new features for enhanced user experience. It was one of the highest-reach news networks on WhatsApp Channels.

Firstpost launched a revamped website to enable a video-first experience for users with dedicated digital destination for its key shows. Firstpost’s YouTube channel saw a 70 per cent  QoQ growth in average monthly video views.  

Digital News Business

Q4FY24  Q4FY23  YoY  FY24  FY23  YoY
Rs 131 Cr  Rs 94 Cr  40 per cent  Rs 425 Cr  Rs 356 Cr  19 per cent