Dr Deepak Chopra explores happiness on Duologue with Barun Das Season 2 CTV premiere

Dr Deepak Chopra explores happiness on Duologue with Barun Das Season 2 CTV premiere

The discussion tackled engaging people with transformative ideas and importance of joy in life

Deepak Chopra

Mumbai: Barun Das and Dr Deepak Chopra embarked on a profound dialogue about the intersections of well-being, leadership, and modern challenges, in the CTV premiere of the third episode in Duologue with Barun Das Season 2.

The eagerly anticipated third episode of ‘Duologue with Barun Das’ Season 2 premiered on India’s only 24x7 digital English news livestream, News9 Live, at 9 pm on the 1  June 2024. The episode featured Barun Das, MD & CEO of TV9 Network, and the internationally acclaimed author and wellness guru, Dr. Deepak Chopra engage in a profoundly cerebral conversation on the meaning of happiness, tradition, leadership and more.

In a compelling back-and-forth, Das and Dr Chopra delved into the intricacies of modern life, discussing contemporary sources of stress and the transformative potential of well-being practices. Dr Chopra, known for his profound insights and holistic approach, shared his perspective on the current state of the world, describing unhappy people as “victim(s) of the hypnosis of social conditioning.”

Dr Chopra's insights offer a refreshing take on leadership and personal growth. “In my life, I’ve used only two formulas: pursue excellence and ignore success,” he revealed in a candid moment. The conversation explored the challenges of engaging people with transformative ideas and the significance of joy in personal and professional life.

Both visionary thinkers, Dr Chopra and Das dived deeper into the ambiguous concept of happiness, with each sharing their understanding of what it was, the importance of measuring it, and the different formulas that could be used to calculate it.

Touching on neuroplasticity, Dr Chopra advocated for traditional activities that foster creativity, such as listening to music, engaging with nature, and reading fiction. “Rote work doesn’t encourage neuroplasticity. It’s simply the recycling of collective consciousness,” he explained.

The Duologue also touched on the evolving role of AI in creativity and well-being, with Das delineating the significance of left-brain and right-brain activities, while Dr Chopra emphasized the limitations of artificial intelligence and the importance of traditional activities that foster creativity. “AI will never be fundamentally creative but can solve routine problems,” he asserted.

Duologue host Barun Das resonated with Dr Chopra's views, expressing his non-conformist stance regarding traditions, which he said he considers vestiges of a bygone era that no longer align with contemporary realities.

The episode offered a glimpse into the profound wisdom of Dr Chopra and his visionary approach to well-being and leadership. Following this episode, ‘Duologue with Barun Das’ continues to bring thought-provoking conversations to audiences on Saturday the 8th of June at 9 pm, this time with an episode featuring India’s most iconic golfing legend, Jeev Milkha Singh, exclusively on News9 Live.