Shemaroo Entertainment launches a metaverse revolution – ShemarooVerse on NEAR Protocol

Shemaroo Entertainment launches a metaverse revolution – ShemarooVerse on NEAR Protocol

ShemarooVerse boasts a diverse range of offerings.

Shemaroo Entertainment

Mumbai: Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd, India’s leading media and entertainment conglomerate, proudly introduces ShemarooVerse, an innovative and groundbreaking public metaverse poised to redefine the landscape of digital entertainment and social interaction.

ShemarooVerse emerges as a digital universe where entertainment seamlessly integrates with Web3 and AI. Built on the secure and efficient NEAR protocol, with an expansive content library, engaging interactive games, Bollywood avatars, live concerts and events in vast expanse spaces, immersive VR cinema, wellness zone, devotional zone, dynamic workspaces, vibrant social spaces, and storefronts, ShemarooVerse boasts a diverse range of offerings, ensuring there is something for every user’s taste.

This marks the beginning for ShemarooVerse, which has a continuous journey ahead, as it unlocks novel spaces and experiences. As the metaverse opportunity unfolds and consumers increasingly embrace new technologies, ShemarooVerse aspires to become the preferred destination for immersive entertainment.

On the launch of ShemarooVerse, Shemaroo Entertainment COO Arghya Chakravarty said, “We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with the launch of ShemarooVerse, a digital universe where entertainment seamlessly merges with Web3 technology. It is a transformative experience that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the digital realm. We believe ShemarooVerse will revolutionise the way users engage with content, and we are confident that the audience will embrace and enjoy the new platform that Shemaroo, a legacy brand, is bringing to them.”

The creation of ShermarooVerse was made possible in part by a strategic partnership with the NEAR Foundation,  a non-profit organisation that focuses on supporting sustainable, community driven innovation to benefit people around the world.  One of its core areas of focus is the NEAR ecosystem, which includes a NEAR protocol, a fully operational decentralized blockchain-based platform for building decentralised applications.

NEAR Foundation’s MD India, Asia, and Middle East, Arpit Sharma said, "NEAR is thrilled about this collaboration with Shemaroo. Users can expect a unique and enjoyable experience as entertainment meets the blockchain. This marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of Indian entertainment on the blockchain."

ShemarooVerse aims to become a central hub for digital enthusiasts, content creators, and socializers, setting a new standard for the future of entertainment in the digital age. It will be accessible on Web, mobile, and on JioDive VR headsets.

ShemarooVerse's dynamic metaverse is powered by a key partnership with Seracle, a leading Web3 full- stack infrastructure company. Leveraging Seracle's Web3 expertise, ShemarooVerse has become a hub of innovation on blockchain, offering users a cutting-edge digital experience.

Shemaroo Entertainment invites users to explore the limitless possibilities that ShemarooVerse offers, as the metaverse is set to become a hub for digital enthusiasts, content creators, and socializers.