Sony YAY! and Only collaborates for a Naruto-inspired collection

Sony YAY! and Only collaborates for a Naruto-inspired collection

Sony YAY! announced a collaboration with Only to blend the entertainment and fashion industry

Sony YAY

Mumbai: Sony YAY! has consistently set the benchmark for immersive and engaging content experiences, as the leading kids' entertainment brand. "Naruto" - the largest title in the global time landscape, stands as a testament to the channel’s commitment to delivering unparalleled entertainment, from across the globe. Sony YAY! extends its holistic approach and is thrilled to announce a special collaboration with Only to offer a unique blend of entertainment and fashion. This unique partnership unveils an exciting new clothing line that not only honours the brilliance of Naruto but also allows fans to express their passion for anime in style.

The collection, designed for teens, captures the essence of the Naruto world and brings its characters to life. It offers a diverse range spread across 51 stores pan India, with over 7 SKUs. From easy solid t-shirts and colourful shirts to printed mesh tops, the collection caters to varied tastes.

Expressing gratitude for the strategic partnership Sony YAY!  marketing, communications and OAP head Sujoy Roy Bardhan stated, “Sony YAY! recognises the growing fanbase of anime in India and has been in the forefront for building a deeper connection with fans and their favourite characters. To further extenuate this experience, we are excited to collaborate with Only with the introduction of a special clothing line. This collection not only celebrates the passion for anime but also offers enthusiasts a unique and stylish way to express their love for this genre."