COLORS launches the most passionate love story of the year, ‘Chand Jalne Laga’

COLORS launches the most passionate love story of the year, ‘Chand Jalne Laga’

COLORS has always delighted its viewers with a range of engaging shows


Mumbai:  Known for its diverse content palette, COLORS has always delighted its viewers with a range of engaging shows. After the recent successful premiere of the new season of Bigg Boss and the conclusion of Khatron Ke Khiladi 13, the channel is now gearing up for the launch of an exciting new show. Continuing its tradition of presenting compelling love stories and kindling romance, COLORS is thrilled to introduce the fairytale romance drama, 'Chand Jalne Laga'. The newest television pair, Vishal Aditya Singh and Kanika Mann as Dev and Tara respectively, whose story outlines the extraordinary journey of two childhood sweethearts, who once were each other’s sanctuary, but the cruel hand of fate pulls them apart. As the age-old wisdom goes, 'Love is the fire that kindles the heart,' 'Chand Jalne Laga' is that blazing fire, promising to be the most passionate love story of the year. Produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Swastik Productions, ‘Chand Jalne Laga’ premieres on the 23 of October and airs every Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm only on COLORS.

In the backdrop of a scenic vineyard, the love story begins with Dev and Tara, who are inseparable as kids. Dev has the unique gift of understanding horses and works as a stable boy for a wealthy zamindar family, and Tara is its caged princess, who fears nearly everything. Both find solace in each other’s presence. As grown-ups, their paths cross after being separated by a huge misunderstanding, both having undergone a massive transformation. Dev, who was once optimistic and sensitive, makes a fortune and turns into a man with angst and a steely resolve. On the other hand, the fearful and dependent Tara becomes a confident and fearless lady after her family loses its riches. With the passage of time, a lot has changed in their lives except for a few things. Will those be enough to rekindle the passionate love they once shared?

Producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary said, “Swastik Productions takes pride in crafting impactful and heartfelt stories that have reigned over television. We are excited to present Chand Jalne Laga, the most passionate love story of the year. It traces the fairytale romance of Dev and Tara, who were once in love but came to be torn apart by unforeseeable circumstances. Shedding light on what it means to be in love, this show explores the inner world of two individuals, who levelled up against the challenges of life but lost the solace they sought in each other. It is incredible to be collaborating with COLORS, and we aspire to offer the audience a show canvassed with stunning visuals, soulful music, and elegant storytelling.”

Sharing her thoughts on essaying the role of Tara, Kanika Mann said, "In a world where love often takes a backseat to chaos and ambition, 'Chand Jalne Laga' is a beautiful reminder that true love can weather any storm. It’s a story that has an old-world charm, and the potential to rekindle our faith in love. I'm thrilled to join hands with COLORS and Swastik Productions, the creative forces that have entertained viewers with diverse shows. Portraying Tara in this romantic tale has been an amazing experience because I strongly feel that she has a striking resemblance to my real personality. All I can say is, gear up for a love story that is as unpredictable as life itself, and get ready to rediscover the magic of pure, unbridled passion!"

Set to be seen embodying the role of Dev, Vishal Aditya Singh said, “I've had the privilege of working with COLORS and Swastik Productions earlier, and I'm excited to be working with them once again for Chand Jalne Laga. After Bigg Boss 13, I was waiting to spearhead a love story. I think the patience paid off and I’m grateful for it. The viewers have showered an immense amount of love on all the characters I’ve essayed so far. I’m sure that they will appreciate Dev and relate to the kind of love, pain and separation captured in this show.”

Sparking excitement among viewers, COLORS recently launched the romantic music video of 'Chand Jalne Laga,' which garnered a thunderous response across social media platforms.  It amassed 31.3 million in reach and 4 million views within the first four days. The show wrote itself into the history of television as the first one to have a digital-first release of a love anthem.

Will Dev and Tara be able to rekindle their lost love as fate brings them together once again? Find out as ‘Chand Jalne Laga’ premieres on the 23 of October, airing every Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm only on COLORS.