Zee Café’s Breaking Bad unites brands in a fun banter on X (Twitter)

Zee Café’s Breaking Bad unites brands in a fun banter on X (Twitter)

&TV, Moj, ShareChat, Zing, Comedy Culture buzz Heisenberg from Breaking Bad on socials!

Zee Café

Mumbai: Zee Café has been trending on social media, making all the right noise about the premiere of Breaking Bad. The highest-rated show on IMDb is now available with a Hindi language option for the first time for Indian audiences on the channel and after successfully pulling the attention of viewers with some unique activities and assets, Zee Café’s #BreakingBadOnZeeCafe trend went viral on X (formerly Twitter) recently.

For the uninitiated, Zee Café had roped in Gulshan Grover for a fun promo that introduced the show, and popular influencer Tanmay Bhatt also mentioned Breaking Bad - Hindi in one of his videos on the YouTube channel Overpowered AI, where he also re-imagined Shah Rukh Khan as Walter White a.k.a Heisenberg through an AI video.

To take the banter around Heisenberg and Breaking Bad further, and engage with consumers and brands alike, Zee Café recently initiated a banter amongst brands by putting a spin on the most iconic relationship of Breaking Bad. Oh, it's not Heisenberg and Jesse, but Heisenberg and chemistry! “Heisenberg ko Chemistry mein aur Breaking Bad ko content mein koi hara nahi sakta” tweeted Zee Café from their X handle.

From there, it was a flurry of tweets from a range of brands including &TV, &flix, Moj, ShareChat, Zing, Hitz Music, Bhanushali Studios, Montra Electric and Comedy Culture, sharing their comparisons with ‘Heisenberg ki chemistry’.

This brand banter was a fresh and fun-filled communication strategy, breaking the monotony from the usual brand and consumer conversation and showcasing the relevance of social media first campaigns. Brands came forward and spoke about their unique propositions while linking it to Breaking Bad, collaborating with each other. Isn’t that cool?

In the meantime, watch Breaking Bad with a Hindi language option every weekday at 10 pm, only on Zee Café