Astrum's study explores ‘Technology Reshaping Communicators?’

Astrum's study explores ‘Technology Reshaping Communicators?’

The pace and scale of technology disruption will ’reshape’ the communications landscape.


Mumbai: Astrum, India’s first science-based specialist reputation advisory has unveiled a first-of-its-kind study in the Indian public relations industry titled "Technology Reshaping Communicators.” This study combines months of rigorous secondary research and views of a diverse panel of Indian and global thought leaders, representing consulting firms, technology corporations, law firms, media editorial boards, international academics, private equity investors, global CXOs, senior corporate communication leaders, and a multitude of industry experts.

Commenting on the study's release, Astrum Reputation Advisory chairman Sunil Lulla chairman said, “In today's digital era, communicators are continually navigating the dynamic intersection of technology and communications. This groundbreaking study delves deep into key questions that communicators are grappling with due to the rapid and recent advancements in technology. The study seeks to equip professionals with the knowledge and insights, necessary to thrive in this transformative environment.”

Founding managing partner Ashwani Singla said, “Technology has reshaped our world for over two centuries from the advent of the printed word to the internet. What sets this digital era apart is the unprecedented pace and scale of advancements. It's a landscape where machines can attain superhuman intelligence and harnessed for a greater good, yet capable of dismantling established brands within hours.” He adds, “In navigating this new paradigm of reputation management, a combination of technology and human ingenuity layered with an understanding of the science of reputation™ can enable communicators to completely transform their game.”

Co-founder and author of the study Sharada Sharma said, “We are seeing that the impact on communications is threefold: one, in revolutionizing data assimilation for deeper insights into audience behaviour; two, transforming content creation distribution and consumption and, three, an investment in crisis preparedness/risk mitigation to secure corporate or brand reputation – each needs a holistic approach with sponsorship from the C-suite.”

The study's findings were unveiled at the tenth edition of PRAXIS10 – Reputation Management – The Big Picture, the largest annual gathering of communication professionals. The unveiling took place at "The Astrum Breakfast" (#TAB), an exclusive invitee only event that brought together leaders in corporate communication. An executive summary of the report was made available to all participants via a QR code, ensuring widespread access to the insights presented in the study.