Year in review: Trends that shaped the digital landscape in 2023: Shradha Agarwal

Year in review: Trends that shaped the digital landscape in 2023: Shradha Agarwal

As the year ends, let's reflect on the dominant interactive trends in advertising.

Shradha Agarwal

Mumbai: As the year comes to an end, let's reflect on the interactive trends that dominated the advertising industry.

As we navigate through the digital revolution of 2023, we can say that the advertising and marketing landscape has evolved at an unprecedented rate, changing how brands interact with customers and stimulate business growth. Thanks to advances in technology, increased personalization, and a stronger emphasis on content and authenticity, the winds of change in digital marketing and advertising pushed the industry into new frontiers. The rapidly changing consumer behaviour and increased expectations have led to many innovative trends in brand communications.

This year, we have seen a storm of marketing-interactive trends buzzing up the industry with creativity and excitement. The advertising industry and brands have been quick to embrace the virality of these momentary trends to stay ahead of the curve.

2023 has been a phenomenal year for the sector, flooded with many superlative trends. However, speaking of the most appealing digital marketing trends of 2023, the following four would top the list for me:

Computer-generated Imaginary(CGI):

Many brands were seen capitalising on the CGI make-believe campaigns—larger-than-life marketing for unique consumer interaction. These revolutionary CGI advertising campaigns had a significant impact on the industry by elevating brand awareness, propelling the growth of social media accounts with millions of followers and likes, and receiving a largely favourable reaction from the audience and industry experts. For instance, the “House of ethics” ad campaign by Ajio, “the peacock hub” ad campaign by Jiocinema, Haldiram’s “Festival gifts,” and the Skybags “ICC World Cup Trophy” ad campaign. These larger-than-life visuals are not dreams, but the new normal for the advertising industry.

Bizarre or fast advertising

Speaking of 2023, how can one forget about the wave where everyone was grooving on the WOWness of Jasmeen Kaur, “looking like a wow” entrepreneur? Bizarre trends like “Orry, the liver guy," and “2023 World Cup” were some of the biggest trending meme shots of the year. Brands like Sunfeast collaborated with Jasmeen kaur to promote their product “Yippee”. These fast and viral moments dominated the entire A&M industry for a considerable period of time and even had the ordinary audience react to them quite gracefully. With real-time engagement through meme making and huge campaign collaborations, brands quite actively took part in fast advertising. Engaging with these real-time bizarre trends and their virality, brands attempted to target their relevant audience and gain good traction online.

AI campaigns

It wouldn't be so wrong to say that 2023 was the mainstream year for artificial intelligence. It opened doors to innovation and technology for businesses at large. As we say, the essence of advertising is creativity and authenticity, and AI has fed them both equally. From small ones to megahits, all brands fueled their marketing scale with generative AI. With campaigns like Sunfeast Marie Light TVC and dark fantasy campaigns, Cadbury’s “Personalized Birthday Songs," and Boat’s “ICC World Cup Campaign," artificial intelligence marked its steps in the A&M industry with impressive and human-like results.

Innovative outdoor advertising

The trend of out-of-home advertising has been around for a while. However, in 2023, there was a lot of vibrance and freshness within. The market found itself picking up speed and reaching significant growth. Many brands capitalised on outdoor ads or billboard advertising integrated with innovative approaches to target their traditional audience. There have been tons of instances of billboards this year where brands have used quite creative and multi-functional features to make them more appealing to the audience passing by. For instance, the myntra “End of Reason Sale” Price Slash billboard, Havells “Ganesha billboard." In addition, the “doodh mangoge-doodh denge, Kheer mangoge-kheer denge” Zomato-Blinkit campaign was inspired by the massively shared social media memes. These innovative and exciting billboards have been truly successful in capturing the attention of the audience at large.

Expectations for 2024

Well, as the year comes to an end, it's time to set our targets for the next year. 2023 has undoubtedly been a promising year for the marketing landscape and therefore has raised the bar for the coming years. In 2024, we are definitely expecting to see more of such innovative trends in the A&M industry and witness the industry thrive.

Generative AI: With AI hitting industries like a storm, it's definitely not something momentary, so I think the industry will surely look forward to more from generative AI in the coming period. As brands are getting pretty comfortable with AI, in 2024, more innovative AI integrations with content marketing will enter the advertising landscape.

Vernacular Marketing: Vernacular marketing allows brands to improve brand perception and increase engagement by communicating in a language that resonates with their target audience. Therefore, I would really like to see brands leverage more of this type of marketing and establish a more personal and genuine relationship with their customers.

Data-privacy compliance: Subsequently, since digital spending is increasing and e-commerce is gaining momentum, concerns from consumers regarding data security and privacy are seeking changes in digital marketing. Therefore, it's finally time for brands to start investing more in their consumers' data privacy compliance. Companies need to concentrate more on protecting consumer information and increasing openness about the information they gather and use. By adhering to ever-tighter data privacy regulations, they can win over customers' trust and loyalty.

To conclude, I would say, buckle up! Marketers, looking back at the evolution of marketing in 2023, I believe that the year 2024 is going to be very dynamic for the industry. The future holds a lot of promising opportunities for marketers and is going to help them thrive in the digital era of 2024.