A year of milestone achievements and future visions: Kunal Luhar

A year of milestone achievements and future visions: Kunal Luhar

This year was about transcending boundaries and exploring new horizons, for us at 5W1H.

Kunal Luhar

Mumbai: As 2023 draws to a close, lets ponder and reflects on a year marked by significant evolution and strategic growth. From being a traditional agency focussing on digital activities to embracing a more comprehensive branding and creative landscape. This year was about transcending boundaries and exploring new horizons, for us at 5W1H.

2023: A year of diverse creative endeavours

Our collaboration with Build Prowl was a notable highlight, involving intricate packaging work and a high-profile photoshoot with Tiger Shroff. This project set the stage for its impactful Out-Of-Home (OOH) campaign, marking a milestone in our creative journey.

In our pursuit of integrated omnichannel approaches, our work with Shott exemplified our commitment to innovation. The “Summer at Shott” campaign brilliantly merged digital, outdoor, and print media. The launch of Shott's new outlet in Pune further showcased our versatility, incorporating cutting-edge CGI videos and drone footage, reflecting our adaptability to emerging digital trends.

Our work with Accu-Chek delved into on-ground research and in-depth interviews, offering insightful narratives into the lives of diabetic patients. This culminated in a powerful print campaign that resonated deeply with audiences.

In the realm of video production, we produced a series of impactful videos for Yes Bank, focusing on cyber insurance and fixed deposit campaigns, adding another feather to our creative cap.

Team dynamics: The core of our success

2023 also witnessed significant strides in team dynamics. Building on our experiences from previous years, we refined our hiring strategies, welcoming strategic appointments to our top management. We bolstered our team with roles such as account directors, creative directors, and AVPs, each bringing unique perspectives and skills.

Embracing a transparent work culture, we adopted an open-door policy, fostering discussions on a range of topics from revenue and expenses to individual achievements. This culture of transparency and collaboration has been a key driver in aligning our team with our foundational values and goals.

Technology plays a crucial role in enhancing our operations. We have integrated AI tools for content creation, report generation, and internal task management, which has significantly helped us boost efficiency and meet our clients' evolving demands.

Looking ahead: Building pillars for 2024

As we step into 2024, our focus is on constructing three key pillars that will define our future trajectory.

Empowering start-ups in branding:

Recognizing the potential in burgeoning start-ups, we aim to provide comprehensive branding support, from brand name development to packaging and initial media content creation.

Revolutionizing social media presence:

Acknowledging the rising importance of video content, we are building an internal creative team dedicated to elevating brands to influencer status, enhancing their audience engagement and market presence. Embracing the power of micro-production in content marketing, we aim to deliver compelling short-form videos that captivate our audience, foster meaningful connections, and strategically position our brands in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Strengthening our media team:

Balancing creativity with business acumen, we are committed to ensuring our clients achieve optimal returns on their investments, making our media team a cornerstone of our strategy.

In conclusion, 2024 is not just about our agency's growth; it's about being a catalyst for start-ups and brands navigating the marketing landscape. These pillars represent our commitment to flexibility, creativity, and intelligence in an ever-evolving world.