FICCI FRAMES 2024: #Reinvent: Navigating the future of media and entertainment industry

FICCI FRAMES 2024: #Reinvent: Navigating the future of media and entertainment industry

This session explored transformative dynamics and enabling policies for an industry in upheaval.


Mumbai: The Indian media and entertainment industry is witnessing significant changes, with shifting consumer preferences for high-quality content, new broadcasting technologies, pressures on advertising spend, and the advent of AI. The #Reinvent session at FICCI Frames 2024 examined the dynamics driving this transformation and explored a range of enabling policies designed to support an industry navigating through a period of significant upheaval.

The keynote of this session was given by Ministry of I&B secretary Sanjay Jaju, who said, “As we move forward, the Government of India's focus is on creating a conducive environment for the Media and Entertainment industry to thrive.”

The session was moderated by Ernst and Young partner Ashish Pherwani.

“In the last one year, the skilling ecosystem of Maharashtra has supported 48,000 youths from Maharashtra to be trained only in media and entertainment. This was something of a record under M&E skill council. A big thank you to Mangal Prabhat ji and his government for their proactive efforts to train rural and urban youths,” FICCI India AVGC-XR Forum chair Ashish Kulkarni.

“Globally, the media and entertainment industry is witnessing remarkable shifts with digital innovation reshaping consumption patterns and content creation dynamics,” FICCI Media and Entertainment Committee chair and Viacom18 CEO - broadcast entertainment Kevin Vaz.

“India is a significant priority market for Meta globally. We have invested considerable time in developing products tailored to the diverse needs of the hundreds of millions of people using our platforms. We are dedicated to serving both users and businesses by continually enhancing our offerings,” FICCI Media and Entertainment committee co-chair and Meta India VP and head Sandhya Devanathan.

“There is no one single customer. Customers sit across a spectrum of accessibility, affordability, of languages in which they want to watch their entertainment and what their entertainment needs are. For us, building solutions for India has always been about what we need to build as an end solution and not making piecemeal choices,” Amazon Prime Video country head Sushant Sreeram.

“Free dish has been growing continuously and consistently. In 2003, when it started, the industry was at a very nascent stage and it set the context for the rest of the industry to grow and develop,” Prasar Bharati chief executive officer Gaurav Dwivedi.

“We usually focus on the who, what and where. Who is consuming us, what kind of content they are consuming and where do they prefer to consume. I think the new dynamic that is now emerging is for us to focus on when and traditionally linear TV networks didn't focus on that. By when, I mean consumption patterns that are arising from the situation that you are in - like in an elevator, waiting for a bus or picking your child from school. And in that 30-second to five-minute moment, do you have content form that they find engaging,” FICCI media and entertainment committee co-chair and Warner Bros Discovery Sr VP and general manager  - India & South Asia Arjun Nohwar.

“Out-of-home advertising is playing a great role in sustenance of smart cities because when we see any social spaces - roadside shelters, libraries or any basic first mile or last mile connectivity solutions, it is the responsibility and obligation of out-of-home player where they invest in basic infrastructure. It is beyond billboards and includes investing in smarter solutions like charging points too,” Signpost India chairman & MD Shripad Ashtekar.