Diktat on coverage of anti-terrorism efforts & sharing sports feed with DD reiterated

Diktat on coverage of anti-terrorism efforts & sharing sports feed with DD reiterated

NEW DELHI: In an effort to remind television news channels about avoiding incorrect or provoking news, the Government repeated notifications issued by it earlier in regard to coverage of anti-terrorist activities, depiction of cruelty to animals, and coverage of sports events.

The most recent notification of 17 January this year is a change under the Mandatory Sharing of Sporting signals by private channels with Doordarshan relating to sports of national importance.

It seeks to cover other sports like Summer Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, Special Olympics, Paralympics and events relating to tennis, Davis Cup-All matches featuring India; Grand Slam Tournaments (Finals of Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles and all matches featuring Indian player from quarter-finals onwards); and Grand Slam Tournaments (All such matches featuring Indian Player in men’s doubles, Women’s doubles or Mixed doubles from quarter-finals onwards), Hockey, World Cup (All matches featuring India and semi-finals and finals), Champions Trophy (All matches featuring India and finals); and Indira Gandhi Gold Cup for Women-Semi-finals and finals; Football; World Cup – Opening match, semi-finals and finals; Asia Cup – All matches featuring India and semi-finals and finals; and Santosh Trophy – Semi-finals and finals.


The notification about depiction of cruelty to animals is dated 19 August last year: http://mib.nic.in/writereaddata/documents/Notification_dated_19.8.2016.pdf

The recent events in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka relating to traditional folk sports relating to animals has made this repetition necessary, a Ministry source told indiantelevision.com.

The third is about coverage of anti-terrorist activities and is dated 21 March 2015: http://mib.nic.in/writereaddata/documents/Notification_dated_21.03.2015.pdf

After the Mumbai terrorist attacks of 25 November 2008, both the government and self-regulatory bodies had issued guidelines about coverage of anti-terrorist activities in the wake of public outcry.

The recent events in Kashmir with stoning of police forces have led to further outcry in other parts of the country.