India’s aerial action film 'Fighter' launches exclusive merchandise line

India’s aerial action film 'Fighter' launches exclusive merchandise line

Collaborates with platforms like FlipKart, Souled Store, HRX, Vega, A47 and more.

Viacom18 Studios

Mumbai: In anticipation of the much-awaited release of India’s Biggest Aerial Action Film, 'Fighter,' the production team is thrilled to announce the launch of its own merchandise line. Collaborating with prominent platforms including FlipKart, Souled Store, HRX, Vega, A47, and more, 'Fighter' introduces an extensive range of exclusive merchandise to delight fans and enthusiasts alike.

The strategic partnership with renowned platforms is designed to transcend the cinematic experience and provide fans with an immersive connection to the world of 'Fighter.' The merchandise line encompasses a diverse array of offerings, ranging from trendy apparel and accessories to coveted collectibles and memorabilia.

Viacom18 Studios COO Ajit Andhare shared, "We are thrilled to bring the captivating world of 'Fighter' to life beyond the screen. Delighted to partner with multiple platforms for 'Fighter's' exclusive merchandise line. Through a meticulously curated collection of apparel and accessories, fans will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the thrilling universe of 'Fighter'."

"This is the first instance when such a comprehensive range of film merchandise has been curated for an Indian film. We are very proud of this work," shared Andhare.

The merchandise line is a testament to 'Fighter's' commitment to delivering an unparalleled cinematic experience. Fans can now not only witness the heart-pounding action on the big screen but also carry a piece of the 'Fighter' legacy in their daily lives through these specially curated items.