Runwal Group unveils new brand film for Diwali – ‘Where New Stories Begin’

Runwal Group unveils new brand film for Diwali – ‘Where New Stories Begin’

The film focuses on bringing back the true spirit of celebrating Diwali with family.

Runwal Group

Mumbai: Runwal Group announced the launch of their Diwali brand film, ‘Where New Stories Begin.’ The film talks about the joy of having grand Diwali celebrations which families in the city miss out on. It showcases how having a spacious home in a gated community enables children to enjoy the festivities with the grandeur they deserve.

Runwal Group head of sales, marketing, and CRM Lucy Roychoudhury said, “At Runwal Group, we believe in creating landmarks that not only provide exceptional living spaces but also nurture relationships and foster community living. This film encapsulates our commitment to this ethos and resonates with the true spirit of Diwali.”

This heartwarming story revolves around a family's journey to a better home, fulfilling their dreams of a superior life, and the bonds that strengthen as a result. The film opens with a touching scene featuring a child making a list of crackers for Diwali. As his mother takes him on a journey down memory lane, she shares her own childhood experiences of celebrating Diwali, highlighting the significance of celebrating the Festival of Lights with your near and dear ones. The child expresses how he does not get to celebrate Diwali with the same fanfare. The father turns the dejection into celebration as he showcases his plans to buy a beautiful home in one of the lifestyle townships of Runwal Group. When they move to the new home, a surprise party with the entire extended family is awaiting the child and they create memories of a beautiful Diwali just how he wished.

Subodh Runwal Group chief marketing officer Palak Dani Mansotra added, "Diwali is a time when we cherish our traditions and create lasting memories with our families. Our film showcases the importance of these cherished moments and emphasizes the role of a spacious home and township living in fostering them. Runwal Group wishes a bright and memorable festive season to everyone, via this film."

The film is live on all social media platforms on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. It will also be advertised through OTT platforms and mobile marketing.”