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Guest Column: The role of digital marketing in achieving better ROI during festive seasons

When it comes to the world of marketing and advertising, festivals provide a unique opportunity to reach a wide audience with an almost singular emotion- “celebration”. And while in western markets, this peak season is predominantly during Christmas, it is a completely different ball game in India.

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Regional becoming the focus for festive advertising

The last quarter of the year is the best season for everyone. The festive rush not only excites consumers but even brands and advertisers. Television viewership increases and the overall growth in advertising also witnesses an uptake during the festive season.

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Exide Life Insurance urges to strengthen Diwali checklist

This festive season, Exide Life Insurance took the unconventional route to reign in a Happy Diwali with its Zero Cost Term Insurance.

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Big Bazaar celebrates essence of togetherness

The festive season of Diwali is a huge consumption occasion for any retailer, and with 220+ stores across India, it is of utmost importance to Big Bazaar.

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Schmitten wanted people to see Diwali in a new light

For Schmitten, Diwali is called the Festival of Lights for a reason. One of the most popular festivals in the country, Diwali marks the spiritual victory of light over darkness. Conventional Diwali commercials showcase this as a time to celebrate with the family.

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