A hot cuppa instant marketing

A hot cuppa instant marketing

With all of us locked down, all traditional marketing efforts are meagre right now

Udit Joshi

'Just take an Uber', is the fastest way of telling, 'arrange a clean, safe, convenient, mode of transport for yourself'. Theoretically, the company and its marketers have at this moment communicated awareness, interest, consideration, preference, purchase, loyalty and even advocacy. Congratulations, dear readers, you just saw a company become a brand.

                                                            “Marketing is a series of events,” said the gurus. Only no longer now and we’ll tell you how!

With the abundant channels, competitors, digital literacy and logistical accessibility, time has become expensive than money. But the startups and investor backed companies have brought in variety in almost all B2C sectors. As a consumer our intent is to receive the best experience instantly, with least research done. With all of us locked down, all traditional marketing efforts are meagre right now. The marketers are under pressure to create an empirical roadmap to make the target consumer be aware, buy, and become a brand custodian. What’s the bailout?

Making a quicker marketing journey

With due respect to the legends, and thanks to the majority imbibing technology across all levels we can jump and skip the non-bankable steps in the various marketing models. Technology and its prodigy, 'the digital', is the push that has triggered the plunge. Our focus on sharper techniques will cut the flab out of the marketing budgets. We’ll hit the target audience where they belong saving a lot of resources and time.

The new format, we call it the ‘instant marketing’, enables the brand to reach the target customer fast and reduce the cost of communication.

Marketing today is only as impactful as a user’s attention span

Marketers have this tremendous pressure to make the consumer make a right swipe within 8 seconds. It’s the ultimate test of seduction out there. Only the best combination of content and media wins the race. This compels us marketers to think slow and act fast. Our goal is to understand everything about our customers, be where they are and then gratify their mind-set.

In the marketing funnel of 2020, we may not really have to go all the way through awareness, interest, consideration, desire, engagement and action. As per our audience, maybe we jump straight from awareness to engagement and purchase action. Or from interest to desire and action. Any of the combinations work best for our brand! The accessibility of technology and the hand-held medium has given us this superpower to jump our marketing methodology around.

Covidified consumer behaviour

Marketers will see themselves become more budget-oriented in order to be cost effective. On its way up to revival, marketers will opt for the most economical methods to reach their audience. There isn’t a lot of liquidity, yet there are huge capacity and inventory. Any player to chance upon and make the fastest dash to be in the playfield will rise above the competition. Post-Covid, brands have a changed course already.

Consumers will be more thoughtful about what they consume and how much they need to consume. Their value seeking parameters will now be different and they’d look brands with a different eye. Safety, empathy, concern, wellness, purpose driven, social could be some of them. Less experimental now, they’ll choose the brand that they best understand and relate to.

The marketer’s 2020 tool kit

Unlike the old dictum, we can now easily measure where half of the money in marketing and advertising goes. We can have instant stats of what works and what doesn't and can promptly change the strategy. We have amazing forces to choose from -

·       Programmatic Communication – To shout out loud where your consumer is listening

·       Communications Formats – Video and Pictures for tempting their senses

·       Performance Marketing – Make a payment on delivery (on a completed lead, sale, booking or download)

·       Communications Platforms – Tactically repurposing content for Youtube, Instagram, Google and Twitter

The organic traffic is down in major industries globally. That’s a huge concern cited by the marketing guru, Niel Patel. When that happens, it reflects, that there is a demand crunch in almost all sectors. It means that disposable incomes are now savings. And it means that the money isn’t flowing. This is the time for consolidation, for being judicious with the expenses and for reaching out to the customers in the tools that use the shortest time. As a marketer, do not be fearful, because right now, everyone is. Be smart, because everyone isn’t.

By the time you finish reading this article, three businesses got shut down worldwide. You don’t believe me? Google it!

(The author is integrated marketing specialist at Topline Consulting Group. The views expressed are his own and Indiantelevision.com may not subscribe to them.)