Volkswagen India revs up emotional appeal with ‘Whatever Diwali Brings You, We Got You’

Volkswagen India revs up emotional appeal with ‘Whatever Diwali Brings You, We Got You’

Conceptualised by DDB Mudra Group.

 Volkswagen India

Mumbai: The new campaign by Volkswagen India explores the chaotic fun of last-minute Diwali preparations.

‘Whatever Diwali Brings You, We Got You’ is a series of four digital films that capture the imperfect yet memorable moments when plans don’t’ turn out the way they are supposed to, during last-minute Diwali preparations and Volkswagen steps in to save the day. Through humorous storytelling, the films highlight how fixing problems is a seamless and enjoyable experience when you are in a Volkswagen, thanks to the brand’s emphasis on safety and fun-to-drive.

The first film, titled 'A Decoration Situation,' humorously portrays a family's attempt to put up Diwali lights, only to realize they've picked the wrong size. A last-minute dash to rectify the situation becomes a memorable part of their celebration.

'Same Pinch,' the second film, takes us to a party where a girl finds herself in an unexpected outfit clash and goes back to change, only to later find out that someone else brings the same gift as hers.

In 'Forget-me-nots,' the third film, a family is on their way to celebrate Diwali, when the couple suddenly recalls that the husband left behind the festive gifts. A swift U-turn in their Volkswagen becomes the solution to this forgetful moment.

The fourth film, 'Tight Spots,' starts with a young boy entering the room with ill-fitting pants, leading to a spontaneous trip to buy a new pair.

Each of these scenarios showcase Volkswagen as the solution to the unexpected festive challenges. Departing from traditional product-centric approaches in the auto industry codes of advertising, the new Volkswagen campaign focuses on warm, human-centric stories, emphasizing togetherness during the festive season. The campaign aligns with the new brand positioning of ‘You’re in a Volkswagen’ which built robust emotional equity in the market, underscoring the joy of owning a Volkswagen and how it made owners feel when they drove it.

DDB Mudra Group CCO Rahul Mathew shared, “With 'You're in a Volkswagen,' we aimed to capture the various emotions that we unlock in the lives of our customers. So for Diwali, we decided to look beyond the typical festivities and embrace the significance of little moments."